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And that's why I stay alone!

Its been a while since crazy world keep asking me.Its been a while since crazy friends keep asking me.Its been a while now, that my parents catch me behaving strange.I keep asking Read More

With you....

I play guitar cz I am in love with uI hear music cz I am in love with uI strum the guitar cz I am in love with uI write songs cz I am in love with uLife with you is Read More

Your number!! your number!!

sweet like sakarspicy like mirchhot like teasoft like teddywhat else I could ask for?oh yes!!your numberyour number Read More

When I think to write!

When I think to write,I just write.When I start writing,I don't need to think.Words starts flowing, fingers starts typing.I write not to be the first,I write Read More

The way you are!!

You are childish!you are stylish!you are sweetish!but I will cherish until I Read More

Yuhi kabhi .....

Yuhi Kabhi likha nahi,Kyuki Yuhi kabhi pyar huva nahi,Yuhi kabhi main sapne dekhta nahi,kyuki yuhi kabhi main tumse mila nahi,yuhi kabhi pehli baris main bheega nahi,Kyuki Read More

I am hippie in your love!

Smashed and shattered,I started being lonely.A lone place or a crowd, It didn't much matter a lot.Fagging away all the memories I began to smoke more and more.My cig became more Read More

The Stranger !!

At 2:00 am in the midnight.While, chatting with you on a social network for strangers.I was well aware I couldn't see you.I don't know how you look?I don't know what you feel??do Read More

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