Nishant Singh

Nagpur, India, Music,Poetry,Gaming

A debauched Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, nine strangers met one another on the road to Paradise. Nine solitary travelers decided to walk the path together for a while, for the pleasures and wonders of Paradise are deemed Read More

Why do we write?

As a child, I used to believe that all written word was either fact, or fiction. Just as sometimes we naively interpret the world as a dichrome in black and white. But adolescence saw my perception Read More

The Explorer

The wheels spin out an all-too-familiar rhythm. Winds sing their Sirens’ songs through my hair. The engine rumbles, its primitive growl a warning, an invitation. The faint tug of home reminds me of Read More

Reasons to kill

The surest way to fall in love with a man is to kill him. In cold blood. That way, he'll always haunt you. He'll be the one you dream about when you sleep. When you can't, he'll be the one throwing Read More


As my world crumbled around me, I found myself yearning for the warm embrace of sleep. Barred to me was the comforting torment of dreams; that house of cards, that realm of illusions, which tempted Read More

Oh! My God

It’s been more than a week since disaster struck the state of Uttarakhand in India. Everyone’s opinion on how many people died in this tragedy of Global repercussions varies. But I’m not here Read More

The Prophet

I can lie with my voice I can lie with my eyes I can lie with my tears I can lie with a smile But heed my words, for they lay open my mind But heed my words, for they are too pure to lie My Read More


Oblivion is just a heartbeat awayAnother drop of fire, another sliver of iceDreams await me, but so do my nightmaresWide awake or fast asleepOblivion is just a moment awayBut Read More


What makes a miracle? What ignites our primitive minds with the spark of inspiration, and lends our crude hands, the finesse of creation? What is this sorcery that makes wonders out of bricks and Read More

Sins of the father

The thing about the Delhi incident is that every one of us wants to do something about it, but none of us knows what we’re supposed to do. We post beseeching messages on Facebook, we tweet in Read More

The Devil You Know

I, am SatanThe First of the Fallen, the Dark OneShai'tanI revel in misery, thrive on chaosI am the one true victor of every warDestroyed and born again,Countless times Read More

Cloak and Dagger

We riseFierce as the sun, black as the nightStrong as the storm, silent as its eyeAgents of order, harbingers of chaosBrothers in Arms, sons of anarchyTonight, we Read More

The Dark Side

Hatred. Pure, potent, all-consuming; Unforgiving hatred. It is more truthful than love, sweeter than joy, and cuts deeper than the sharpest grief. It is the single most intense thing we ever feel. Read More

Memories of midnight

Darkness; sharp and bleakDespondence; bitter and deepTimeless, senseless, heedless, mercilessThe end beckons,Singing to me, its siren songsSeducing me, enchanting meIt is Read More


Have you ever experienced inspiration? The inspiration to create something beautiful, to breathe life into inanimate alphabets. When an idea takes root so deep in your mind, that it overshadows every Read More

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