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Nigeria, University, Meeting new friends, reading intresting articles, and just writing.
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Let's Continue With The Mystery

  I’ve missed the memory of you I’ve a feeling that was not there before I’ve been with you, travelled with you I’ve seen you in the ... Read More

25th July
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Thank you Mom!

You loved me before you even saw me, Protected me and sheltered me. Thank you mom for those nine months you carried me, I know I troubled you, yet you bore it all for me. You taught me how to ... Read More

25th July
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I wish..!

I wish you’d hear what I so badly want to say I wish you’d say it back and blow my heart away   Holding ourselves back out of ego or fear Those ... Read More

24th July
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Balance of life

My feelings  We all think to live for ourselves  But it's not possible *Life is all about balance* Balance between making food for ... Read More

24th July
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That day,when you asked me if i liked you....

Hi, That day,when you asked me if i liked you..i had actually written the message you are about to read.....dont jump to conclusions in between,whatever's written down was written on that day,this ... Read More

21st July
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