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Ever since this unfavourable time has knocked the ...

Ever since this unfavourable time has knocked the door of my life , I feel not in sync anymore . No , seriously . Now , I may also ask myself why do we brood over things which are not in our hands Read More

Brother - My Anima

Waking up in the morning , i waved a hello at the most happening incidents of my fruitless day . It had been quite some time since i longed for my mother to give me a morning kiss , to see my father Read More

She Still Lives Somewhere Down Here

Don't You leave this sacred place ; Your temple , your idol resides here ! How Read More


HAHA .. people say love itz easy to happen ! "Just an attraction is termed as true love in this stupid age of uaz" mum'z wrong wordz said . she disagreed . had it been an infatuation I WOULD HAVE Read More

Unflinching faith

Have so much faith in faith that before it turning you down starts to question itz own identity out of fear.. Belief, content, commitment - is this what you show me after devoting it all from a pious Read More

Are we really in love with each other ?

You are madly in love with .. it is just next to impossible to explain the way you feel about him .. In short , everything , is him , only him . The obsession it is just getting worse day by day .. Read More

Me and You

Good Morning :* The times when it is just that one voice you long to hear right from when you wake up which makes your day ! With my phone in my hand turning it from the airplane mode wait for three Read More

Obsession ! <3

Sitting amidst in the dark , Waiting for my prince with a spark . Where are you lost ? My darling , come you fast <3 Don't you take me back to the time , time of you and me , so far .. ! Birds Read More

You ! <3

i just wish all dose things i heard about yu were just a joke..joke of time..! itz still hard to digest dat yu r gone away from my life .. foreva..loving a person fo d scnd tym n gettin d same thng Read More

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