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It's all a clutter, these things really are. Strewn around stuff, books, bottles, sounds, colors...just lying everywhere. I organize them, arrange them in neat patterns but as soon as I am done, Read More

Sindabad, the sailor at Sea.

looking from the balcony, of an Indian Airline Jet, standing still, somewhere, somehow, around kalkaji sec-46. I imagine mehtaji a proud kabhari of a raddiwala, who knows his books, but gives`em Read More


Holi Holi a Festival of Season Change Holi Holi a Festival after a demon is dead. & Holi is still far Read More

A Sincere HINDU Apology to MUSLIM

The privilege to delve in philosophical inquiry and nature of self, is a rare one. It involves not only a satisfied stomach, but also an inquisitive mind, for a stomach satisfied without an Read More

An Outcaste

My vagina is non judgmental, everyone comes and goes, but to my vagina, it really doesn't matter. My vagina just feels pleasure at having them over, without thinking of their Read More

*on metro, to work*

realized, still two stops from C sec, as I look up, at the charted destiny, which this train is for, bound. Multicolored milieu, which crowd around sleeping,dreaming,dreading, awake, knowing, Read More


The only motorable road in Mukteshwar enters from east of the town, where the market is, shops line the left side of the road, as it goes up meandering Read More

The Prophet Pt 2

4. Kalyani is a calm quiet city on the banks of grey Narmada. Dusty from an evening squall, Kalyani welcomed the caravan of Ravianand with subtle modesty, at the gates the company was awaited by two Read More

The Prophet Pt 1

1. No known myth or record has been found in India medieval history about saint Ravianand Chalal, who was supposed to be influential and active in and around the Himachal area of north India. Like so Read More


As the dusk dawned on the city and the punishing sun receded behind the wall of rooftops, leaving just enough light to make things visible to the naked eye, a sudden coolness Read More


Slowly, like someone who is tired and weary, the footsteps came closer with each desolate step and finally stopped in front of a door, at the end of the gallery, behind which, sat a bearded young Read More


I am lost. Hopelessly lost. I have broken off and gotten detached. No more cohesion or uniformity. The sense of absurd is growing more than ever, and every day I can feel myself Read More

Preceding Limbo

Red.57, 56 Wait. Of a minute. 55, 54, 53 Nothing to do, apart from staring at the traffic outside and waiting, waiting for the light to turn green, waiting for our turn to go, waiting for something Read More


Their eyes were burning, burning with lust, passion and contempt. He could see all that contempt in her eyes as did she in his, while he increased his thrusts and she , her moans. Intertwined like Read More

The Prophet

No known myth or record has been found in India medieval history about saint Ravianand Chalal, who was supposed to be influential and active in and around the Himachal area of north India. Like so Read More

The sad demise of Dr Mohit Ansari

The term necrophilia is mostly used as a psychiatric expression for a pathological sexual attraction to corpses. It is a very rare and poorly understood phenomenon. In his seminal 1894 Read More

When its done( I promise)

When its done, I wont turn on the light, Satisfied or not I promise I will stay by your side. Thinking, hoping, wishing, That you would look at me, Bite at my arm with complaining eyes, Nibble at my Read More

Dream Dying

At night, I woke up shivering, Quivering, quirky dreams Dreaming. Salty sweat covered my body, As i lay, lay dreaming of you, And your death. The funeral procession, An orthodox obsession, Was Read More

A tree

Eulogizing a brook, Tennyson wrote, 'For men may come, and men may go, but I go on forever '. Same can be said of a tree, though the sense of motion is absent in this analogy. Like that tree outside Read More


Legacy. Your own personal inheritance from your predecessor. Must be good to have your own personal gift to avail when you enter this world. Imagine a proud father looking at his son showing the Read More

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