সৈনিক ১ আমরা সত্তাহীন দর্পেভরা সর্বহারার দল ভরসায় ধরি হাতে হাত তবু মাথায় Read More

The Poisonous Moon

The poisonous moon is up and about using all its clout to increase the rift between (which remains unseen) the shore and the sea and my mind and me. I am drunk beyond senses, I think of you, I pine Read More

How useless we all are.............

I sit perched on my chair doing officious odds, if undone, who would care? if done , who would applaud? I look out through the tinted glass of my serious office. Musing of what is and was through Read More

We meet after ages..........yet we will part again

Sitting by an obscure shanty Sipping insipid tea, by the road to the Alma Mater below a banyan tree. we used to meet oft and on subject to jealous eyes, it was joie de vivre abandon without a Read More

The Ragpicker

Her disheveled hair and aberrant gaze of hazel eyes set in mystic maze, lurking lunacy we have bred and of justice much delayed. No Marxist, secular or human move was born to leave her off the Read More

Are you there... ?

I am alone in my sun-slept room, The lizard on the wall is listless waiting in ominous gloom. The window pane sways in the gentle breeze, the stifled breath in me looks for a new lease. Ages have Read More

The Cuckoo

Hello there brain-fever bird Care to show your face? Is it capture that you fear Or your fall from grace? Laying eggs in the crow's nest while love you always savour, Labour is left to the wordly Read More


Glazed eyes moist with tear landscape of changing times, The graying streaks of hair obscure ages lived and relived sublime. Squinted in pain and love to see what one wished not, if we could see what Read More

Brokerage of Faith

If I could only predict when the clouds would burst with drops of water decrepit yearning for the earth's crust. The tenuous chord of life and death caressed by the gods, with efforts doused by Read More

The Descent of Darkness

The sun is a bacchanal orb in the evening nimbus clouds The shreds of light absorb Vestiges of the evening's shroud. The trees and ferns and blades of grass stand aloof in lethargy, While darkness Read More

It's over.......and is painful.

Hollow night, warm and tepid as lovely as fuchsia sweat trickling in pearly beads With the pain of amnesia(how cruel of you) I lay alone, lovelorn and sick while my youth throbs in pain, The moon has Read More

The Song of the Thrush

Stir..chirrup, rise and fall of the whistling wind eucalyptus and the poplars tall all listen to the thrush sing. As the song rises and fall soothing the discerning ear beyond the austere duty's Read More

The Queen of Spades....beware

The flippant queen is out on the streets, with no heed to sin On a mission discreet. As she ambles on stilettos high on weathered cobbled stones, men heave out a sigh of dreams and despair woven Read More

The Stray Cat Wild...

The Stray Cat Wild stray soul with streaks of grey, eager always to make hay. while the sun is a thousand spears on tin roofs on evenings clear. Half asleep but he dozes Read More


Dear all, undo everything that you have done to me, take away your favours, wishes, expectations and the time that you have spent on me and assume that I was never there to make or influence any such Read More

Should I explain..or do I need to

Fairchild, I am neither archaic or arcane, but I write to let you know, that I am troubled,beyond any comprehensive logic of existence,with reasons that have no right to exist and of moralities which Read More

Why do I Write

A myriad thoughts on a broken vase spills with haste in distress. A word or so tumbles down to either express or frown On matters of deep and smudged relevance or trivial issues or topics so Read More


Here goes my heart like a popcorn-----POPP Dripping of love-------BLOB-BLOB-BLOB I want to wreck mayhem in your head My love should make your feet like lead. Stun you with what , I know not why Kiss Read More

The failure

The winds of whim Caress the doubtful mind, Like a storm on the Ocean's rim Ripples the water with a mystic chime Labour toils through mediocrity And the wait is endless, when cunningness says to Read More

The Irresponsible

There was a man with a gun who liked to shoot his load And one fine day when his time came he left for god's abode. When god saw him at the heaven's door he sent for a paper and pen " O good man, Read More

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