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What keeps you awake tonight?

Honey, what keeps you awake tonight?  Look into yourself, there's still light, Hopes can be your wings, break the chains and fly, You haven't done enough Read More

Let me be me

The voice i couldn't be, The light i couldn't see, Through the aisle of mystery, Let me be me On the sleepless night, The dreams that ignite, Read More


The sunrays passing through the window pane, I struggle to open my half opened eyes and then I start looking for you rubbing my eyes constantly, trying to find you around. You are nowhere to be Read More

I write, and it's not about you

I write, and it's not about you, Days have rolled by, but years only a few, From everything, i am now the girl you once knew, The paradise of love,we then drew, to Read More

Let's take a poll.:)

Let's take a poll, let's read and roll, writing is an art, words flow through heart, when there's nobody to read, leaving without paying heed, my words stop flowing, a hurdle to my writing, let's Read More


The images of broken frame, shattered across the untidy floor, look up,you aren't the same, wanting nothing less but more. Pull me down,hit me hard, i shall not break,i am built Read More


I am carving light out of pitch black nights and you hold the chisel, being an artist to my art. Look through my eyes,the kindle would let you know i am touched by the warmth of your care and Read More

The Gorgeous Model-2

This is the second and last part of The Gorgeous Model.For those who haven't read the first part,here goes the link. 4-09-14 3:00 am I am Read More

The Gorgeous Model-1

3-09-14 11:55 pm After a long day filled with rendezvous with the upcoming models and clicking some extraordinarily good pictures i got back home at 11:00pm.I parked the car in the parking and Read More

If I can't write tomorrow...

If I can't write from tomorrow, Then I will write to you today, I will write to you about my happiness and my sorrow, And about all that I couldn't say, I will write about my wish to borrow your Read More

Take me home maa...

Take me home maa, I wanna live that life again, I wanna act like I am asleep, When you come to wake me up, I wanna lie on your lap and weep, Walking on road that seem so rough, Take me home maa, I Read More

Death of a friend

Underneath the stars so high, Beneath the beautiful sky, Nothing is going to be the same again, There's no smile,but only the pain I feel your tears falling from above, Everything changed,I dont Read More


Uncover the mask, Let me see you, I am the real me, how about you? I am the same old, loving the new you, Path of destiny is taking you away, I shall not quit, but Read More

stop ragging please!!!!!!

A new hope,a new dream in eyes, new place,none to hear my cries, I am happy,i am scared, everything goes well, i just prayed It's my first day at college, i was Read More

I caught you ^_^

I caught you, Staring at me when I was asleep, Opening my fist and kissing my hand, I caught you, Crying when you saw me weep, Worried if the test of time,we could stand, I caught you, Blushing Read More

I can't write anymore

I am staring at the wall that's painted white Pondering over what's wrong and what's right I go blank,there's a void inside Turning around, I try to hide I Read More


Hi,I am Ayana I am 18 years old, I am grown up,that's what I am told, I am still a little kid ,I argue My faults,I want people to forgive Hi, I am Ayana I should now be serious, No craziness,no Read More


Dressed in the gown of white, Her gaze shifting from her spouse to dad, Battling the feeling of hugging him tight, Shoving a smile,yet a little sad. Love flowing across every vein, Albeit ,there's a Read More

Where is the police?

A woman being beaten by her mister, A loafer teasing and troubling someone's sister, A bag full of money,corruption and the minister, There's no sign,no trace of a police officer. A child being Read More

Pimple :D

hey you my pimple, lying to the right of my dimple, you scare me when i look at myself, no doc or beautician could ever help. Friends are planning for a bike ride, oh no i need to find a place to Read More

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