Ravindra Bhandari


You Are My Heart And Soul

Thank you... For standing by me through thick and thin For not giving up on me when I didn't win For your patience when I kept pushing you away For caring when I said I didn't need you anyway I am Read More

A Thought About the Taxi Drivers

Writing a post after a long time. Posts are generally motivated by some ideas, although not all but while writing we encounter a lot of ideas for sure. This post is not going to be any different. The Read More

Things I want to tell you MAA

Since I open my eyes, I realize the touch of your hands is what gives me a sense of security. Even today when I am in trouble MAA, I think about you and you are the only person who give me power to Read More

Nothing Else Matters

Deep down we all know the truth but we don't realize it until the story is recited to us again. Story that exhilarated you, story that is real and story that can not be forgotten. Once again I would Read More

First priority- Poverty

Sometimes when you feel like walking every evening or may be in the morning, some people dog you. They don't wanna hurt or annoy you but in a way they do. So do I feel annoyed every evening when some Read More

True Meaning of Education

It has been several years since I realized the true meaning of education. But only realization,is not enough. One needs to understand what lies beneath it ,as well as ultimately follow ones own guts. Read More

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