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To legalise marijuana or not to .

So im writing something after a longtime, so many names for this so called plant.. Weed Pot Reefer Grass Dope Ganja Mary Jane Hash Herb forgive me if i forgot any of the nick names which u Read More

Mermaid's love

Im a mermaid and This feeling towards a human is forbidden, but my heart that swims freely can't keep hidden. I peek from the water's surface when he is alone. Looking at him over a nearby stone. He Read More

I know a place where the world is still where time ...

I know a place where the world is still where time and space has no hold I know a place where my heart and soul are one and there are stories left untold I know a place where I rest in peace where Read More

My favourite type of weatherIs a thunderstorm for ...

My favourite type of weather Is a thunderstorm for sure Because when I’m at home I feel quite secure. Also the smell of outdoors While one is taking place Is beautiful enough to put a smile on my Read More

Old things are more beautiful...........

Old things are more beautiful than many things brand new Because they bring fond memories of things we used to do Old photographs in albums, love letters tied with lace, Recapture those old Read More

Future... ???

I sit here Dreaming of the future A bright, beautiful future Is all I can ever dream of That bright, beautiful future Feels as though it's slipping away Seamlessly Like it was never even a Read More

First day.......

The first day This is the first dawn, This is the first breeze, This is the first aroma, Through the trees, through the water, through the light, Through some sound coming from the birds, Through Read More

Hyderbadi :P

-CAUTION, You have to be really a true Hyderabadi to understand this... --Who is a Hyderabadi? Among Males: Who don’t hesitate to use words like"Baigan ke Ball" Both genders cannot complete a Read More

Her hands...

Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath. Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step. Her hands held me close when ever i feel blue. Her hands were quick to show me that Read More

I wish to travel to........

Travel to the place Where mind set to peace, No one can see, Feel us free. Travel to the place Where we can breathe, Fill our desire, We wish; we aspire. Travel to the place Where we have Read More

Don't give up.

Thinking back on my life, when I was a little child; So outrageous and bubbly doing things that were wild. Thinking back on my life, all those wonderful years; Not a care in the world, no worries, no Read More


I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky, I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by, I think my dreams keep me sane, I dream of happiness, a life without pain, some people say I'm stuck in this Read More

Is it easy to be alone ?

I'm standing on the edge of the clifftop Looking out over the sea, Thinking of the places that I have been And the places where you could be. I looked everywhere I could think of, Searched all over Read More


What words can describe this This space...... This void..... Where's the purpose Where's the laughter Where's the love The motive, the dream, the will Why can't I breathe in the air The Read More

Never say good bye

I feel the time is getting close, When we will have to part. I'll show that I'll miss you, With last words from my heart. We must be dreaming, For it has gone to fast. The time we have spent Read More

From the heart

Its just another monday, and i am all alone again, nothing has changed,yep i am all alone again, Its getting cold and I'm getting lonely Wishing someone would sit down and hold me Next to their Read More

Million Memories

As I look up at the stars at night And think of times we shared Memories come flooding back They all show how much you cared Your kind and gentle nature Your smile so big and wide Thinking of Read More

IN memory of my best friend,

Why'd you leave so soon? I sit here with bitter gloom. You always understood my fears, You always stopped my pouring tears. We'd talk and laugh and live it up, And now I wait for death to come. I cry Read More


There's a strange voice in every one of us, who guide's us what to do when you lost hope, who will guide you and teach you how to over come hurdles, all you have to do is listen to him Read More

Just listen

“Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven't the answer to a question you've been Read More

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