Ankita Das


The poor wretched MOM:

She never made any effort to change the dim light glowing at the corner of her small house, lighting up the room. That house could only accommodate two and a small table fan which she acquired from Read More

....and at the end of the day..I am Bengali !

Born and brought up in a Bengali community . 17 years of my life passed but I still can’t continue my counting after 30 in Bengali, and I don’t blame it on the English medium school I Read More

oh yes! I as m dusky

I exactly remember when I was subjected to racism, because I am dusky. It happened between class seven to nine. There wasn’t exactly a fuzz about it I was definitely not treated the same till Read More

End of relationship

It’s like a dream for every girl to marry their prince charming who would come and bend infront of her on his knees, hold her hand and propose her to be his forever. Somebody who can just sweep Read More

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