Anirudh Srivastava

Dehradun, India, B.Tech First Year, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Entrepreneur, TWIFAGO, Content Writing


Sitting down and wondering what went wrong? It is a great thing to introspect and it is even better if you can come up with something that is conclusive. For instance, I have been introspecting and Read More

Advertisement from the DUDE up there

This is an advertisement from the universe...yes the one you live in. Since the universe is able to sense a tinge of dullness in the way things have been working, it wants some new people in its Read More


I have been an anxious soul till now and a person who is very impulsive. I like to work on something the moment I think about it and mostly I thought this was the go getter attitude. But this has not Read More

Advocating for SATAN

This article might be a little different from the usual ones...mainly because I would be advocating for Satan. Yes the dark Satan. You know how everybody talks about the balance of nature and how Read More

That inevitable friend!

Take out a second, go back in time and think about how that wonderful thing happened with you. It was mainly because of your perseverance, hard work and that fire in your soul which must have been Read More

I waved

I smiled like and idiot and waved like a fool, She waved back and went to school. Lost in her thoughts I sat all day long, I thought I'd write her a wonderful song. Then I wondered if I could make Read More


Okay time for a little calculations... I have thought of writing 3 articles per week which makes it to 3 X 4=12 per month and 12 X 12=144 per year and let's say I'll write 6 more to get a round Read More


I have often heard people saying "I am at peace with myself". This one line is one of the most damaging to the growth of the civilization. And do you know why? It's because this one little line stops Read More

My Doon

When I woke up in the morning, I saw a golden lining. It was the sun shining, All around me there was no grinning. Sometimes the clouds rapidly burst, Quenching the soul's inner thirst. Beautiful Read More

My Dreams

It’s been a while since I have scored, Tough has this road been. And now I am bored, This side of road I have tasted And I feel that I’m wasted. The journey set forth is long What I want, hope Read More


I have very often wondered what different situations in life taught us...I have still been wondering but drawn a conclusion.Like any other video game our entire life is based on four levels.The four Read More

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