Naresh Chauhan


પ્રેમ છે કે વહેમ

પ્રેમ છે કે મારા મન નો છે આ વહેમ, હવે તો માત્ર ખુદા જા કરી શકે છે રહેમ ! પહેલા Read More


Hey, where you came from ? I haven't seen you here before, you do not belong here ! I was here only, but as a 'Fog', turn to 'Smog' by your 'Doer' ! I am here to strike your door, that the 'Nature' Read More

सबका मालीक एक ।

चर्च कभि मैं गया नही । फिर भी क्यों मुझे 'ईसु' से प्यार है ॥ ना कभी मैं मस्जिद Read More

Bondage to Freedom

Day by Day it has becoming miserable, 'I' am the source of my misery.. I know the truth but it's 'Ugly', That’s the life is not a 'Fairy Tale'.. 'Truth' can not be inflicted upon, So, it has to be Read More


Lonely I was born, Lonely I will die ! 'Loneliness' very true nature of the 'Soul' Every one of us came from there ! Lonely I feel sad, If 'I' am in the world ! Aloof I am at peace, If the world is Read More

Mighty flower !

O, flower ! what can I offer to you ? As I am a Puny human ! Fragrance of yours have no boundaries, Though surrounded by the thrones ! Spreading to the Pawn and the King ! I wish one day, to grow Read More

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