Pooja Singh


what we should care

Why do we care about the shoes we bought the dressed we wear, When they do not go to school, there backs are bare? Why do we think about they way we talk and the way we look, when they don't know Read More

Everday, millions of stars light up the sky. But o ...

Everday, millions of stars light up the sky. But one, only one stays fixed where it is. We can be dependent on only one, the pole star. Sometimes, even our own world becomes like the entire universe Read More


Today I go to school for school one last time. One last time, I am a child. When I return after giving my last exam, I won't be a kid anymore. I will have a burden of a career on my back and will Read More

egg curry means friensdhip

I had been reading an anecdote about how toast meant love to a little girl. After reading it, I began craving egg curry. This is why. Every year me and a bunch of friends went camping in Read More

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