Shahrukh Jamal


She's The One

Grey clouds roared above him, They dropped endless rain. It chilled each and every soul down here. He recalled her eyes that effortlessly Stole his heart away, and Knew immediately that the rain was Read More

This Rainfall

Early in the morning the thunder showed itself, The breeze seemed to be holding all our secrets. Raindrops fell, and the skins were wet in amazement, The roof trickled sadness down and they drained Read More


He fiddled with the knife stained with the thick drops of blood and looked at it quite disturbingly as the red drops trickled down from the knife on the black tiles of the kitchen of his home, the Read More

Forever It Would Stay

She walked past me, I looked at her. She didn't see me, but I won't hate her. The guy next to her, he held her by her waist, My heart sank but it said, she's the best. She was a pretty lady, Hovering Read More

He Would Love Her Forever

He looked at her footsteps, she had just walked past here. He collected the traces and went ahead. She was unaware of his presence, her heart dedicated somewhere else. And she was about to turn back, Read More

Winds Of Passion

Winds of passion, winds of emotions, Caress my hair like a mother would. I feel blessed; the smell of mud takes me down the memory lane. Nothing could bother, nothing makes me sad, And the whirlwind Read More

He Wished To Take All Her Pain Away

Morning bells that echo somewhere, And the dew drops on the leaves, All were in sync to let the earth know He wished to take all her pain away. What's the moon without the sun? What would the clouds Read More

For You And Your Happiness

For every little time you cry, For every little time you mourn, For every moment that you spend wailing, My world shatters, my heart breaks. As all I have ever wanted, All I can ever Read More

The Affection Of Years

Amidst the stars and clouds and the worlds, Amidst the boundaries, the ones to cross, Something flickers, that flame resides even today. There's trace of love, and I follow it, Only to reach a pond, Read More


When Jacob decided it was all over with Sara, looking outside through the window of his compartment only to look at the rushing trees and big fields, an image of his beautiful beloved appeared in his Read More

Unrequited It Is

The heart weeps, the pain wails, You're uneasy, but can't say. Still all that you put is a smile on your face. And you wonder what wrong you did to deserve this. The love you crave for is somewhere Read More

Seasons Of Love

While this heart beats, A gentle sigh passes. Miracles all around me but I fail to see any. As the rain pours, I shiver from the reverie, Her tantalizing eyes still stare at me to hypnotize me. My Read More

Still You

Why do I still think of you? Why do I still dwell in your memories? Life is going on, time is passing by, I believed I am with the time too. But here I find myself, looking for you, Still, waiting Read More

This Thing Called Love

Her face has that spark, That makes the candles burn. Her eyes have that ocean, That makes everyone turn. Those strands of her hair Falling on her pretty face, Make the moon shine brighter And they Read More

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds engulf me, The thunder roars. Somewhere around me, I still hear her. Laughing and screaming but not with me. There lies a road ahead, my path calls me. Then I look at her, she's still Read More


Life gives you different scenarios, Unexpected, disappointing. You feel betrayed and challenged, You're broken, shattered. Love has its way of killing people. Perplexed, you find yourself in Read More

Is It You?

Is it you? Looking at me from a distance, So that I couldn't say how much I missed you? Is it you? Leaving me in bits and restraining your feelings And letting me feel your pain and sorrows? Is it Read More

Love Becomes Indpendent

I feel my limbs falling apart. I feel myself breaking into pieces, There is no light in my life when there isn't you. There is no ecstasy, only melancholy and agony. I believe in my love, it will Read More

I Am Burning

When you are away from me, My world turns upside down. I feel the limbs of mine getting numb. I looked at the black sky, I wailed and took your name in angst. Nothing in the world made me happy. I Read More

Unrequited Love

How should I make you believe I love you so badly? How long will I suffer? How long will this agony go? I imagined a land of treasures, that we'd find someday For our own happiness. I imagined us Read More

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