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मुझे मेरे अक्स...

मुझे मेरे अक्स संग एक राह तो बढ़ने दोकाफी दूर है तेरी काया जरा दर्पण में Read More

Anarkali Shopping Chali

Time is relative and so does its legacy. Urbane or rustic, this relative battle is always won by someone from sorority. However, effort is still what we count for with a lust to be reverted as a gem. Read More

दूर तक गगन के तले...

"दूर तक गगन के तले तू उड़ता चले उड़ता चले,किस बात का पछतावा तुझे किस बात का Read More

A poem during Training hours!!!

"The Rendezvous is in midst.The Sun is again shining in the east.Serenity is what it expects,Opacity is what remains.Pain for Peace,Fear for Dreams.The Life is in Read More

कल्पना की उड़ान

" है मेरी कल्पना की उड़ान को करनी मंजिल की पहचानक्या दिन? क्या रात? क्या जीवन Read More

Evening Walk

Sitting on the roadside bench with the sounds of twittering birds flying to their homes, not so unnoticeable swarm of running traffic and in the midst of all, passengers trying to wait for their turn Read More

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