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Mother's day special

God cannot be everywhere, so he created mother; a selfless, a loving, a caring and a pure soul altogether. A mother's love is unconditional without any Read More

Awesome Winter

Look! look! outside, winter has arrived, taking fog, mist and hailstorm by its side. Everyone is wearing sweaters and jackets, it's chilly outside and I'm cosy inside my blanket. Water is too cold Read More

Overcome Your Difficulties

Difficulties come to those who are afraid of it, and have no guts to give them a beat. Though danger lies in everyone's lyf, whether it's a husband or his wife. But what's matter is the way a Read More

"Agrasochi Sada Sukhi"

Prevention is better than cure, it's an old saying which we all know. But just saying is not enough, implementing it in real lyf is actually very tough. When things go smoothly, we don't pay any Read More

The Lap Of Nature

The most peaceful place of the world, where we feel the freshness of air, where the mind rejuvenates itself better, it's none other than the lap of nature. The singing of birds sound lyk the Read More

Look Before You Leap

Look before you leap, the path ahead might be steep. This means "think before taking an action" , or else you may get adverse reaction. But this is not as easy as it may sound, coz there are some Read More

Happy School Days

I really miss my school days, those moments of pleasure and sways. Whenever we were late for the class, we used to think of excuses to take entry into the class. I really miss those scoldings of our Read More

My life sucks

Human lyf is the best gift if God, but what if it becomes a curse for someone ?? Yes, that's true !! I hate my lyf. It's not that I'm a pessimist, but the ups and downs of my lyf have made me feel Read More

The cry of a girl

She was born to fly, to reach the sky, she had many dreams to fulfill. But she wasn't aware of the fact, that being a girl was biggest crime. She wanted to go to school lyk her brother, but being a Read More


Lyf is not easy for any of us, just as it us difficult to breathe in a crowded bus. but still we have to live it, no matter how worst the situation may make it. Lyf is short so live lyf to the Read More

Life in a metro

No rest no peace, no tym no sleep. Lyf of luxury but no tym to lead. Lyf in metro is lyk a path, which is very steep. Men at work, women at work, children in school returning with homework, sitting Read More


Rain has come with a bang, giving everyone a mental tang; by the lightning of clouds, and then thundering out loud. Rain drops on trees, rain drops on plants, rain drops on my face provoking me to Read More

The secret of success

Success comes to those who dare and act, following this strategy will make our lyf apt. No matter how many tyms we fail, After all lyf is not a fairy tale. The way to success is not easy, but those Read More

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