Gitanjali Arora


A Woman's Poem

He didn't like the curry And he didn't like my cake He said my biscuits were too hard... Not like his mother used to make. I didn't prepare the coffee right He didn't like the stew, I Read More

Rani laxmi bai

Jab ek ladki apne mayke main rehti hai to wo Rani hoti hai. Jab vo shaadi karke sasural jaati hai to Laxmi kehlati hai. Aur sasural main kam karte karte bai ban jaati hain. Is tarah se ladkiyan Rani Read More

Was it or wasn't it?

' Have you ever felt like you were awake and unable to move?' The elderly figure flashed on T.V. His heavy tone and the quizzical expression in eyes made her feel as if the question was directed at Read More

Not guilty yet sorry.

I'm sorry For the distance I've put Between our hearts I'm sorry For taking your smile away darkening your spirit I'm sorry For causing you Read More


It is often too difficult to decide which one of the two is weirder.The one whose behaviour pattern is governed by the chromosome 'Y' or the one whose is dominated by the chromosome 'X'. For example, Read More

Your Presence

I know you are near me When the sun shines so warmly And the wind softly rustles Through the whispering,dancing willows I see you in gently falling raindrops That catch the glints Read More

Missing u is only a state of mind

Brought on by Weeping and moaning Climbing on the walls Pressing my nose against the window Talking to myself Sighing deep sighs Wringing my hands Working Read More

The Tedha Angle

You draw the line I draw the circle You laid the centre I draw the circle Damn it! Your mother intersected And made all obtuse and Read More

Tomato soup

Shayar nahi hoon main, Phir bhi shayari karta hoon. Meri shayari padhne wale readers ki Patience ko test karta hoon. Phoolon ki cahat nahi hai mujhe, Lekin Read More

A Thought

Jab kisi se pyaar ho To sab pyaara lagta hai Jab kisi ka saath ho To sab achcha lagta hai Ishq karna hai To dil se karo Baat karni Read More

Shopping Adventure

Madness amongst festivities.Shopping ur kid's birthday,for ur puja dresses, for matching garments for the cultural activities. Mad crowd in the bazaar. You Read More

Of love....dreams......enroute to manhood.

He held her close. She could feel his breath on her face. Pretty face.. lovely eyes...the innocent, terrified look on her face that always amused him .He wanted to tell her that he had looked for Read More

Language......language...O language.

Is it what we speak or is it what other people comprehend? Different people....different languages.....different pronunciations.....and therefore comprehension of an altogether different Read More

What if Colmbus was married...........

Today somebody uploaded something on fb saying that if Columbus was married,he wouldn't have found America.The reason being the harassing questions like....... 1.where are you going?2.why are Read More

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