Vanshika Roy

Mumbai, India, Bsc IT, University of Mumbai, Student, "My blogs describe me"...

Life begins from where it ends...

The era of kingdoms and wars, 17th century was the period of huge palaces and forts, lavish lawns. It was the time when India was not slaved by the British Empire but it was destined to happen. Our Read More

I want a BIG BRO...!!!

Yes!! I want a BIG BRO… Vo hi hoga jo meri pehli jhalak k liye hospital ane ki zid karega…meri chotese hath ko thamna chahega… Bade naajose palega…halke hath se mujhe sehlaega…mujhe apne Read More

I hate roses...

Yes it’s strange and weird but it’s the truth…. I hate roses….red, pink, white, yellow…. I hate roses… Everyone ask me what is the reason of such absurd dislike, But I don’t have Read More

I want to paint...

I want to paint happiness… I want to paint love… Vibrant colours spreading positive vibes all over… Bold colours spreading dependency all over… Soft colours spreading emotions all Read More

Slowly Steadily you should grab it...

You are not born to sit idle.. Get up go get the world.. It wasn’t set up when you were born.. It was planned before you opened your eyes to glance at this world.. A world of competition, envy, Read More

Miss you...

Thoses blurred images of him buried somewhere in my mind just cannot take it out. Only one question hovering me…why he did this to me..??? Only if anyone could help me out… Only if it never Read More


Girl... Born fighter... Strong hearted… Independent… Practical. This is the reality but alas she is framed as a very weak being in this society , this is so not true. A girl is not born to Read More

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