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Nothing but the Truth.

The last time I wrote it was in december , 2015. Times flies . Oh yes. Something strange happened in these few months. Strange indeed. This will be the first time I am actually trying to put my Read More

PS : Its love.

Well,Its been quite for some time I havent been able to see her. last was on wednesday morning 7.45 am when she woke me up and after two days today Im feeling lost, Is this love ? I havent been Read More

Finally 18..

18 today.. I'm sure you are very glad.. because now you can enjoy a beer with your dad... For 18 years you have brought me joy.. See,you've always been a lovely boy.. Now a man you have Read More

Love at first sight... :)

It was Saraswati puja today . The previous night I got a call from my best friend, She invited me to her house for lunch on that auspicious day. Since, on that day studying was not Read More

Trying..I am trying..

Sorry Mom and Dad, I could not produce some good results in my last test exams . ISC and JOINT entrance would be better. No other parents are as supportive as you two are. I am sorry I got only 77 Read More

Bye bye... :)

So you are leaving tomorrow. its been amazing to have a friend like be very honest. I never thought you would be like this. We became friends last year 2013.. and you confessed your love Read More

Well,if you had to choose between your best frie ...

Well, if you had to choose between your best friend and your lover, Who would you choose ? who would be your go-to man ? I remember my friend Anki suddenly broke down and said "Raul is such an Read More

This is life...this is sadness..

And there she was..standing with him.. I had a weird feeling.. a feeling which took some time to sink in.. She was as usual looking beautiful in her red top..and black jeans. She was a heartthrob Read More

life is amazing...

that day when after so many years...he met her ! His face had an amazing satisfaction. His old childhood friend.. My goodness ! they both were so excited. its normal when after ages, we meet someone Read More

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