Kunal Baba

Haldwani, India, B.tech (Mechanical Engineer), Quantum school of technology /UTU, Unemployed, Yet to found, Poetry


"कशमकश की वो तीव्र लहरें, मेरी नाँव की पाल पर अतीत की, हार का वो हिलोरा अब Read More

मैं लाश हुआ की नहीं

"गर्दिशों, मुफ़लिसी के बुरे दिन,तेरी कमी दिल कचोटती है,फिर एहसास होता है Read More

*** सभी प्रिय...

*** सभी प्रिय मित्रों को प्रेम चतुर्दशी (वॅलिंटाइन डे) की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ Read More

संसार लीला

श्रणभंगुर ये जीवन चक्र,मोह माया का एक जंजाल,खुद की खुदी कहीं लापता,कहाँ Read More

Stranger in the city Episode 4

I emptied a cigarette pack that night, from the first day I met with her makes me a different person and slowly I’m addicted talking, chatting to her and it was a great feeling for me. It takes two Read More

Stranger in the city Episode 3

She moved towards her home and I stood outside 235 watching her going. She flipped her hand saying bye while shutting her door. I flipped back and open the door. Room welcomes me with its dirt and Read More

Stranger in the city Episode 2

I turned towards the voice and see the same girl besides me wet saving her from the rain. Her walk was postponed due to rain as cricket match finals.“No that’s not the Read More

Stranger In the City Episode 1

Strange is the city and I’m a stranger here, no friends, no relatives, no one is here to care for me. My train arrives at the Chandni Chowk railway station and I’m trying to rush out from the Read More

Life is what ? A mystery or, Flip flop...

Life is what ?A mystery or,Flip flop between,Joys and sorrows ?Some miles in love,Many miles separated,When we want to bind it up,It continue crawling,But as we want Read More

"दौर ऐ जिंदगी"

वक़्त के कलुषित थपेड़ों में,कई दौर गुज़रे कोई समझा नहीं मतलब मेरे Read More


"नभ में लालिमा होगी अजब,व्योम भी गरज रहे होंगे,तेरे आने का संकेत ये,या Read More

For you my love

When emptiness was silent,I want to listen to you, When I got upset and filled with grief,It was you who makes me fresh,I'm not perfect at all I know,But I say myself lucky as I Read More

From a day it was started, One day it will...

From a day it was started,One day it will bind up too,Before it will bind up,Explore, Experiment with your Read More

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