Neon Lights

India, Pursuing bio science :), reading, writing, painting, sketching

On the Brink of Madness

Colors swirl past, Spinning me around, Confusing my mind, Don't fall asleep, You might find Wonderland. You've gone mad, There is no escaping, The red queen screams, And white rabbits run, You're Read More

phrasing the first line

The first line Is always hardest to define, Just as the nothingness from which we were birthed Is harder to describe than the eternity in which we are immersed. We try to wrap our feeble Read More

Microscale Poem

You are a beautiful hurricane, All I can do is stand and watch; As you take me piece by piece, Destroy me until I am nothing more; Than a skeleton inside of a Read More

Fighting The Invisible

I stood outside the principal's office waiting room, leaning on the wall, softly humming to myself. Students and teachers passed me, giving looks of contempt and curiosity as to what happened. It Read More

About Taking The Road Less Travelled

Dear diary, Turning 19 tomorrow...and I am more than ever confused with life. I can't sleep tonight. I really want to devour books and write a lot diary but it seems like college killed the little Read More


This is a moment where I feel a mixture of feelings and I turned to writing as I felt the need to express it. Shame, anger, nonplussed, hurt, baffled, thwarted and much more... It’s just so Read More


A satiated soul is useless Hunger keeps the fire burning Comfort and security are poison Blood, sweat and toil are the elixir. . Come out of your comfy shell Take up arms against impossible Read More

A Story..

Let me tell you a story A story about lies The story,a naive girl believed was true And everything proved wrong by life. A story about sparkling eyes And fastening heartbeats Something that made Read More

And The Answer Is...

Old favourite songs dig up the memories I dont want to remember...damn it ! Its 2 am and am wide awake with demons tweaking inside my head..and if your awake at this time you are either in love or Read More

The Game Called Love...

My rosebud lips, red, were my favourite appeal as the girls envied them and the boys impatiently waited to chance upon them.But they said you were the lucky one and even I thought so, until...until I Read More

how I found whats hidden in me...

Sometimes I do something look closely at life and examine every detail..including the fact that am actually lonely.Like a hollow, festering tree admist youthful, green ones.I know I dont Read More

Once I fell in love....

Once on a narrow road Smoking under street lights Walking down, Kicking glass bottles, empty as my soul That's how I bumped into you, That night...i found you. My curious fingers Read More

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