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My parents said they will be late today,and asked me to eat something outside.I went out,had some soft noodles at a fast food center and started back.On my way back i saw a guy asking for lift,he Read More

The other side of a Feeling.

~"What is so special about me?",i scowled. "Brother doesn't do well in studies,you don't say anything but why do you act like this only when i Read More

Simply a 'No' for you.....ever thought about me?

When I proposed my true love, you said no. I don't blame you,for you always have been a good friend of mine. Now that it's over between us,my mind says I have to move on. But what does it Read More

Understand your Child,don't force them*

~I felt as if some insect was inflicting stingy bites on my face,but it was the rain drops falling on my face.I was looking at my sons tombstone.I don't seem to remember what happened.I Read More

My Angel

~An eerie of silence marked between us.She was looking at me skeptically.Despite the situation i was in,i couldn't help myself from admiring her beauty,she was flawless. I had last seen Read More

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