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Brushstrokes of Azurea

Blue had always been his preferred hue, not for its melancholic connotations, but for its ability to absorb and radiate light. He likened it to black, yet vibrant and lively, devoid of Read More

Silent Years, Unspoken Bonds

As the sun began to set over the small town, a middle-aged man named Daniel stood nervously on the front porch of a modest house. It had been twenty long years since he had last seen his father, Read More

Beyond the Holographic Veil

In the bustling halls of Crestwood High, where dreams and aspirations danced alongside youthful vigor, there was a student named Alex, a brilliant mind confined by the chains of unfair prejudice. Read More

Whispered Chaos

The grand boardroom was adorned with opulence befitting a business empire. Mahogany furniture gleamed under the soft glow of chandeliers, while floor-to-ceiling windows offered a glimpse of a Read More

Whispered Tides of Redemption

Amidst the breathtaking panorama of the Pacific Ocean, Captain Lucas Anderson guided his small seaplane through the azure skies. The sun's warm rays danced upon the gentle ripples below, Read More

The Forgotten Melody

Once upon a time, in the enchanting village of Havenwood, nestled deep within the embrace of an ancient forest, lived a young girl named Eliza. She possessed a curious spirit that often led her on Read More

Immortal Forever: 2. First Glance

"That’s your school,” said Megan from the passenger seat. Peter was driving the sedan and I was on the backseat. Peter and Megan were headed to the university and decided to drop me to school Read More

Immortal Forever: 1. New Town

It was a sunny day in Seattle. At least, it’s not like North Carolina. Ugh! It rains there almost all the six months. No one had come to receive me at the airport. Who will? I don't even have a Read More

Immortal Forever: Acknowledgement

Okay, I'm gonna start it right here then. I don't know where to start this though. Let's begin it saying who I am thankful to, for this piece of writing. First of all, I would like to thank Read More

Ido & Fatso: Meets And Greets!

... I was sitting in my geography lecture in the class, when I first saw him. I was 17 and he, 18. I was a fatso as well as a super freakish teen who had the most childish attitude. He, a super Read More

That Craziest One Hour!

... One Sunday morning, I woke up by listening to my mum's yelling. She informed me that my aunty is coming with her nine month old son in our apartment. My aunty arrived around 10 am with my Read More

Tear Ducts Activated...

... Okay, so one evening, I was just searching for some really good young adult novels in Google. While searching, I came through the title- The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I was curious Read More

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