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Words that don't Exist

We often judge people by their words, the power of expression and the emotions stirred. While reality coalesces as lumps in the throat, Reclaiming the merit from things we Read More

Emotions with Blue Ticks

We type, and we click, emotions with blue ticks, Words of significance With Smileys and munificence, Weaving life with efficient thumbs Broken chords Read More

I'm not me

I'm not me, not the whole I'm a collection of souls Of people and places And the stories they told Read More

In time

The times are dire, as we cover our days, in hope and satire. Read More

It will be alright

Thoughts are tyrant Down the memory lanes Or beyond the walls of future But the pain stops abruptly Just the way it starts It will be Read More

Us & Them

Look away, Like always. It's not you this time, It's them. Oh, but you are them, Against your misguided thoughts, Against your misdriven Read More

The Path

Somehow, it all seems away, Dreams all in disarray, Days all go in vain I feel, Life coming back to a standstill. Read More

Jab Kuchh na the

Jab kuchh na the, toh the kya khoob Apni hi raushni me baad-e-ghuroob, Read More


Paint me like your crimson heart, stains of black with little scars, You’ll find me hiding under this carpet muddled in some muddy disguise Unbeing of me is a choice Read More

Am I a fantasy

Would you remember me  When you wake up from your slumber Where the reality and dream merged Where the shadows didn't loom In your unscarred heart Would you Read More


Things that you don't see, things that pass by, When I capture my emotions of whatever size I hide beneath the mountains of courage, With my small flags of insecurities, Read More

If I go

Silent spaces make me uncomfortable, Words though are tyrant, I dwell in between them, Did you notice, how I go along?   I will go if you ask me Read More

What it takes

What does it take for a living? Aching body, mind revelling, A hint of sacrifice, a little bit of hunger A tinge of failure, not knuckling under, Self-belief and Rock-solid Read More

I walk around the world in a jiffy

  I walk around the world in a jiffy Radiating my curiosity Swallowing in my existence, Fighting against all the resistance   I walk Read More


She is ahead of her time,  The woman in this big world, Mesmerises few, bewilders many, Her grace when she unfurls,  not just in her looks, Does her Read More


Nights had been colder than the one I sit now in, The darkness did prevail, but it was not within, Chilled to the bones, but there is a fire inside I may stumble on my way, Read More


Breathe Smothered by ill-will, Running up the hill, Spurious laughter and tears, Where are your fears? Breathe Like the uncrowned king, In the midst of all your things, Why do you Read More


When the gloom in the eyes spreads all across the body When you bite the dust, with a clumsy embrace, When your grey hair falls across your face, And we are too old with sinkin’ bones on our Read More

Silver lining

A vast heath, deprived of emotions, Or thoughts whatsoever, The black hued morning drowning into the night, Would you get up to the battle of words, Of character and receding hope Beyond your window Read More

Am I a failure?

In a matter of time, all the hopes and dreams, Seem to vanish into thin air, like the smoke kissing my lips, What i was and what I could be, What have I become, is this me? A smile I embrace, over Read More

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