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Rajesh entered the home around 8.30 pm.The silence of the house welcome him. This gave him an idea about Suhani’s absence. ‘So Suhani has not returned yet from the art gallery’ thought Rajesh. Read More

Socially connected or personally disconnected

Where is this technology taking us to…. This question comes to my mind every now and then. Sometimes it’s for a happy reason for getting my complicated work done in seconds and sometimes vice Read More

cheers to all writer babu's

My Dear Writer Babu’s Only god knows what else will change in this year but yes a calendar and a date is changed as of now so Happy New Year to all of you. I have noticed a thing today. This Read More

How many times will I be raped???

I decided to move away finally from this world, a heinous place to live in..i thought I was unfortunate because I became victim of a gang rape, an incident which told me that human are more Read More

Happy Naya Saal in writer babu’s style

Finally we are all alive, neither world ended nor we on December 2012.In short we are all ready to welcome one more year .These days I can hear the sound of happy new year from every corner of my Read More

I wanted to fly but today I am forced to die

Once again the nation got terrorized by the heinous crime committed on the roads of Delhi on Sunday. Much have been talked and written about it since then. But when is this going to stop? Finding Read More

Welcoming myself to this world again

Felt good to find something which I feel good to read about.For all the new or budding writers who could not pursue their love as writing but it always keeps coming in one form or other.The name is Read More

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