Ridhima Gera


My Faded World

A world that is hidden inside me A locked world with a lost key, A world in which I am a star, My fans and supporters say "superstar" This world that I own without any liabilities, This world in Read More

The Making Of A New World

He is muscular, macho and strong I am not saying its something wrong, He should hide emotions and he can never cry, Have the strength speak the bitter truth and can never lie! She is delicate, shy Read More

Raita Gang<3

We four are like the shining stars So close to each other yet so far We became a part of each other quite suddenly Our bond grew stronger quite silently This bond of friendship changed in love We Read More

Happy Realization!

Have you ever just had high esteems about yourself and really thought of yourself as the king/queen of the world and also that you rule the world and no matter what but the world will work according Read More


Because in studies I was never that bright So I used to see my future without any light, I just discovered all my flaws About my qualities I never came across! I saw myself as beauty with no Read More

Sincerely A Younger Sister

I know you ever since I have known myself We have shared everything from a pin to a book shelf, We have played every game together, like every game From hot wheels to the barbie feather! As kids we Read More

Meri Adhoori Kahaani

Meri adhoori kahaani ko aaj kitne saal hone aaye hain, har pal palon ka sauda karti rahi mai, zindagi se sirf ek mauka maangti rahi mai! tujh bin khul ke hasna bhul gai, tujh bin har khushi pheeki Read More

writer's block

After writing so many poems in a row Having a block, It feels so low! When writing becomes an addiction With all those stories in your mind romance, drama and fiction... And you cant write them, Read More

come lets fall in love like never before...

feel free have no stress, talk to me no matter more or lees share your problems, pour your heart out its your choice you may whisper or shout! love me like there's no tomorrow fill your heart with Read More

see the world from my eyes...

if you see the world from my eyes you will see a colorful round beech ball and when you see the people in it you will definitely say lol! you will see some beautiful animals and pretty flowers rather Read More

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