Monali Monalisa

Bangalore, India

The last fight

Need you guys to rate my story ... please post comments and let me know how you find Read More

The Ride Home

It was a typical Saturday afternoon… Or was it? I am a lazy piece, and so was my Saturday morning. I skipped my morning session of workout that day and rejoiced my beauty sleep instead. Waking up Read More

Goodnight Stars

The brisky moonlight... The serene glow... The wondrous hums of the breeze that blow... Glaring stars are the dangling lanterns... Pick up a few and form a pattern... I lied down on the fluffy green Read More

Ocean of Love

Have I told you baby... That am just getting better... Have I told you baby... there are few things, that matter... Reckless evenings are just so Sound... My dreams now have no bound... I am Read More

I Wish I knew...

Mom... i remember you said, love was real... i wish i had seen what's under the veil... i remember you said, the feeling was divine... i wish you had told me... It wasn't Mine... The pretty Read More

What if...???

The life that seeks for another trial, had it been so,if we had lived... Thoughts that fill your mind, begging for a change, had it been so, if we had Read More

A feeling 4m the past.... :)

The Flickering stars are twinkling blue... Sensing the LOVE formed so new....Whirling from my Waist, the breeze just blow...The Silvery moonlight floats so Read More

That's how "Happy" you got to be :)

....It was an awesome afternoon, Sun stretching out its rays to the end of the horizon and heavy droplets trickling down from the sky... I, bewildered just by its thought grew restless on my Read More

Travel... check this guys... and let me know if it really catches your taste :)please do post your comments... I really hope for frank comments and hence help Read More

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