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More money more fame As I play the game More hold more wealth As I gamble my health More pleasure more treasures I'll go through any measures More demand more command As I put my life in Read More


Choti (Based on a true story) She stood on the platform, a safe distance from the edge. She had one eye in the direction where the train would come from, and the other on the boys. This was her Read More

And this too shall pass

And this too shall pass Happiness and harrows And joys amid sorrows Stife and sweat And Spring bereft All that you love all that you hate These too shall pass Achievements through ardours And Read More

Moot information

Moot InformationI read somewhere that the human brain is designed to retain a certain volume of information. It varies from person to person depending on how much they exercise their memory. Read More

Broken Hearts

Things between you and Me were such funYou and me used to laugh so muchNow I see tears in your eyesIt makes my heart bleed and brunYour smile could cure any sicknessIt made Read More

Can I be a Kid again

Can I be a kid againGo out and drench myself in the rainNo worry of a sniffle or shameDance and shout wild untamedCan I be a kid againCan I be a kid againEat as many Read More

Fear is a lover

Fear will find youNo matter where you go oh oh No matter if you're fastNo matter if you're slow oh ohFear is a friendAnd Fear is a foe She takes me in her arms And Read More

Creation of the Universe

One fine evening God was just relaxing by his pool in heaven, sprawled on a cloud, sipping a cold one and taking in the sun. He was happy, Life was perfect! Just then his lady yells at him Read More

How to: Disappear headaches in record time!

Everyone suffers from head aches every now and then. But what are head aches or any pain for that matter? It's just electrical signals sent to the brain from the body, which we choose to Read More

Happy and Free as the Birds

Happyness has been lately on my mind, Understandable why it's so hard to find. We look for it night and day, But forget where we lost it, wouldn't you say? Some times we find it in Read More

Funny Chinese

Chinese is a funny LanguageDisclaimer : This article is not meant to be racist, or criticize or hurt anyone’s sentiments.I’ve been closely associated with China for most of my Read More

Insanity (part 2)

InsanityThe price was right so I bought my ticket,Life does not end in a single wicket.What was I thinking?Insanity is free and liberating.A world of possibilities Read More

Sanity (part 1)

SanityHow can I be lonely in a crowd?Pushing through Life I feel detached.I am here but ‘I’ am not there,Reality is no longer in my snare.All is meaningless, or is Read More

How to: Make life hell for your siblings

How to: Make life hell for your siblings (spoiler-Funny)Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home. Results may vary.I’m lucky to have a younger brother and sister and love both dearly. Read More

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