Kashif Ali


Y dis world always deny me..??

Yes I am the failure, I am the one who comes last in the class, I am the one who always listen to the abuses. Yes I accept that it’s my mistake but all is my mistake; there is no other reason for Read More

why I like midnight.....

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes,And it's human nature that the keep choices and their hobbies and likes and dislikes.Somebody likes cars,guns,evenings,fast-foods etc.I have my own likes and Read More

A devil inside us...

Man has been gifted the most important things by the God and i.e brain and knowledge.But Knowledge leads to a part i.e wisdom ,now wisdom is of two types one is Right wisdom and the other is wrong Read More

A tree

As it is said and we believe that For humans lungs are the main part for breathing and living so same like it it is said that:”trees are the lungs of nature”. It is true that Read More

Why do I write.....

I don't believe that i am human,because i don't live like them and the reason behind this,is i always wants to write I just always think about writing,and why not i don't write as the creator,the God Read More

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