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Wistful desires

Sometimes it's so hard to control your feelings that you worry whether they know already by the look in your eyes. But you don't really have to worry about that, a part of you knows you hardly get Read More

A day in the life of a teenager

With the tune of ‘wake up wake up’ the alarm clock rings. Groggily Anushree searches for the sound in the darkness of early dawn. She snooze the alarm as usual and lies peacefully on her Read More

An Ideal Proposal...

Some posh restaurant, Two tings on a glass, Getting everyone's attention, Standing up and taking my hand, Kissing my forehead, Going down on one knee... No no, that won't work for me, That won't Read More

The Power of MOTHER

Fed up by just sitting in house for the whole day I decided to visit the new park, a block away from my area.I walked in the garden taking in the beauty of nature and man, alike. Finally I Read More

I DO...

When you treat her as your new little sister, I don’t feel angry... When you bring something for her I don’t feel bad... When you joke and have fun with her I don’t feel jealous... Nope, I Read More

Life: A mystery

What is life? Why is life the way it is? Why is life so unpredictable? Sometimes, it gives you awards And sometimes puts you in dungeons! Why is life so crazy? Eyes closed, you may fall in a Read More

Story of every student...

Story of every student (I guess :-P ) Sleep sleep, go away, Come again another day, It is raining lectures here, Fun nowhere, I fear. Teacher is blabbering nicely, Students paying attention Read More

I dont know if I can

I want To write To make a difference In this world... I want my writings To inspire people To motivate people And to give them joy I want my writings To make a mark in this world To change d Read More


I need to get this work done today But would it happen? What would be today's outcome? Same as last month Or would I achieve my goal? I walk in... The same feeling springs up Seeing him sitting Read More


He is here I know he is somewhere near I can feel him looking at me It is him again, I see I say, “What do you want?” “You”, he replies He is a creep He gives me shudders I scream, “Go Read More

Knock Knock God....Are You There?

Dear God, Disclaimer: This letter is addressed to all God n Goddesses of all religions so don’t start fighting over this letter up there as we do down here on earth over your names! Where are Read More

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