Trigger Attention



In a woman lays endless beauty and contradictions. Not only in the glow of her smile, allure of her curves, warmth of her presence or the pain her absence brings upon my heart. There's also her Read More

The Television

Once a 8 year old girl was sitting in the couch while watching the television with her mother. Suddenly, the screen began to flicker and an inexplicably ghostly image of a woman in red appeared in Read More

Quote Unquoted

The sky is looking great today and if i go higher, i might just be able to meet my loved ones but sadly, there's Read More

Its O-kay

Where does it hurt? Where no one can see It's okay that you did not respond to my message. It's okay that you did not hear my call. It's okay that you could not come to the meeting. Read More

Her Reverie

My thoughts are of thee I think, dream, I keep the love in me And you know, I don't need much But just one thing, you and a mature touch Together the world will change with you,I know,I judged. The Read More


The intriguing thing is that people believe that when a person is strong in science but weak in human understanding then that thing is pretty normal and if people do poorly in school, but Read More

Erôs- InCePtiOn

We are in my thought back together In reality, the distance like the January from December I'll call you today And make sure to remember our conversations, which i won't explain The brutality of Read More

Across the Sea

24 hours which makes the difference,everyday. To hear your voice would make me smile. Mesmerized by those eyes she has, buttonic dark like the beautiful ocean storm. To have my heart beat as waves Read More

El Cumpleaños- In Hindi

Kash mai bankar Panchi tere eela-ke aau Tere jagne se pahele pyara sa geet gau Sun kar geet mera, hokar hairan Band aakho se karo mere pahechan Pakar mujhe itna pass Shayad ho na tumhe vishwass Read More

Nerves of steel were cut on glasses

Stubborn rain pounded with a rush to the window , Moldy feeling - a crust of bread , Nerves of steel were cut on glass, On the glass of life - with a crunch and spark.. And with bounce the cup fell Read More

A rhyming inspiration from Mister Mukhtaar!

The tears has gone dry Hence i can't cry My crush's father got a third eye He never invites me for a chai. All the world's a stage Love was at ease during stone age A man is matured in his middle Read More

Miss You!

Miss you every single day, You are always on my way, You are always in my mind, Wish the fortune be more kind. Thoughts of you are crossing head, Slowly making me so mad. About you I'm thinking Read More

Fate Poops

Fate poops on my excitement. It doesn't show me any enlightenment. Fate poops on my plan It crumbles me like a trash can. Fate poops on my imagination There ain't no feeling's translation. Fate Read More

Now we live in

World, increasingly resembles a cluster of mixed paints, homogeneous grey mass. A couple of thousands of years, spiritual and cultural heritage, where we are? People have lost the ability to be a Read More

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