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I know that I carry on my shoulders more than I take! This silence is about to accumulate more I had it enough saying goodbye to friends I know that I had enough of a Read More

Confrontation of Love and dignity

Her eyes were wet, the moisture of her eyes make them shine like dew drops on a deep water lake… she was sitting near the fire plate for the whole night a diary showing a date of twenty years back Read More

Searching For Inspiration....

THINKI pick up the penTHINKAnd lay a paper downWaiting for something to comePLEASE THINK!!I look at my surroundingsPleading for Read More

Where they left their dignity??

Its just breaking dawn when he and her sister left their house. having breakfast of some dried pieces of bread and a cold tea.time was just 5:45 so their was not any hustle and bustle on roads. Their Read More

Let The Rhythm Flow

Life is not always a quiz competition, or a computer program that you always have to decide between what is right??? what is wrong?? what should be done or what should not??? Not it is what you want Read More

My Love Will Always With Me

In the spring season I went to azalea, to jasmines and roses To the hills and valleys singing the songs of delights And my love will be my voice Read More

Happiness Is A mystery!!!

Happiness belongs to your soul if it is pour then the color of delight is everywhere. Sitting beneath the cluster of tree he was in the search of pleasure. The above words were ringing in his ears. Read More

Going To Be With Him Forever......

She and ocean are the zealous for each other. Love brings them together and the blustery weather and current of air put them apart. She comes for him from the curve the bluish azure sky. Every Read More

Why Everything Is Incomplete???

I would never ever say that I’m bleak, feeling alone or get perturbed by my life or world. I well know that I have to compete with the life with all the potency, strength and power I posses. Read More

Fall In Love, Be a Prophet

I was turning the pages of my old diary and a quotation crossed my eyes. I don't know whose words they are and why they are part of my diary. I'm failed to recall when i wrote it but it is still Read More

MINE Liquid Imagination...............

Some times things get worse then u accept. It starts seeming that I can hear the murmurs of sand blowing in distant desert. Feel the foot steps on the snow. Know the whispers of dew drops fall on the Read More

He Was Braver Than The Sky!

He was at the roof of his house, had a cup of coffee in his hand. It was twilight again. Sun was trying to collect all its scatter rays to go on the journey of west, giving birth to the darkness. Read More

Do u believe in Miracles?

Eistein says,”there are two ways to live your life,one every thing is a miracle and second nothing is a miracle’’when I read that quotation I went on thinking which way I am following.And then Read More

Not listening for the first time...........

It has been said that think hard before you make yourself move out from some ones mind and prayers,because when any one else filled this gap you have to feel unbearable pain. Read More

Randomly Weird...

Scatter and random thoughts are like curses.Ruin your ideas and visions and hurt your emotions.Being different is curse!people left you,cause they want to travel with main stream, do not want a Read More

Writing Fate...

I was lying flat on a chill stone surface.I can feel it, but where were the other eyes still closed,feared to open them.I'm feeling lighter than the quill. My mind a little dazy like it Read More


Hum adei ho gaya hai har mushaikal har musebiat ko KUDA ka aazab sa tashbie dena ka.kun KUDA ki rhamat sa yakeen ut gia hamara???.....KUDA to rahim ha karim ha wo kud khata hai mere tamam sifat mai Read More

Need to strive for a new reformer!!!.............

I am a rebel. I always seek for changes. I want change, want to change everything. For me the rain should be of seven colors, the sun should rise from different direction everyday. Sea should change Read More

Equinox (which changes every thing)

Life is somehow like a road.A road which does not provide us with any U turn.Equinox,easter, monsoon all season approaches there.And it is now on the spell of these seasons how much they affect the Read More

Why You Fall In LOVE?

Sincere,mature or control emotion people fall in love under these conditions. First;when they want someone happy.They want smile Read More

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