the wind that whispered

The wind blew and blew me off my feet, As if he would carry me with it, To a land unknown to me, Were the wind belonged to. But I was determined not to let my feet go off, For I was sacred to be to Read More

kash koi apna bhi hota

kash koi apna bhi hota, jaise koi sapna hi hota, usme hum khoye rehte, aur wo mujhme khoya rehta, na din ka pta hota na raat ka, na dostoon ka na yaar ka. uss se hi zindagi suru hoti, uss pe hi Read More


Memories will always stay, however much you run away. It maybe painful it maybe light, Just like the fact that everyday has a night. You may miss those moment, However much you want to be back Read More

bas ye zindagi hi hai

sayad uss pyar ke kabil na the kabhi, jo tune mujhse se kiya hai, uss yaad ke kabil na the , jo tumne mujhe diya hai. hai hi kya mera jo mai tumhe de saku, ek bas ye zindagi hi hai, par wo to maine Read More

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