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Thank you Mom!

You loved me before you even saw me, Protected me and sheltered me. Thank you mom for those nine months you carried me, I know I troubled you, yet you bore it all for me. You taught me how to Read More

The “Judge” mentality

The other day as I was going through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a picture that one of my friends had shared. It was more like a comic strip. A man with long hair and who had a few piercings Read More

Khursi kiski?

Summer is here. No matter how many cool drinks, juices and ice creams you have, you still feel hot. And to add to heat, it is election time. The time where “We the citizens of India” choose whom Read More

I am me

It's so difficult to be yourself these days, When life's a race, in so many different ways. There is that urge to follow the herd, No chance to have a voice of our own to be heard. There are many Read More

Please come back!

The blow to my perfect life that day, When you were no more in this world to stay! My little head could not comprehend, What it meant for life to end! I knew that you were ill, But I never thought Read More

A letter to my fellow Writer Babus

Dear Writer Babus, I have been on this site for long and what kept me here was the awesome posts that I got to read every single day. I loved the sheer variety of it. I kept visiting it every single Read More

Life is what you make it

Life is not a bed of roses, But it is how you face the challenges it poses. It is in those thorns that prick you, It is in those troubles that you never knew. Life is not just about lofty dreams, It Read More

Tomorrow may never come

I stood there thinking about tomorrow, Also thought about my yesterday's sorrow. Life seemed to be so tough, The seas I was sailing on seemed so rough. I made plans for a better tomorrow, My Read More

For I am a woman, not a man!

To bring happiness to everyone around, To make everyone smile even if I am down. Born into this world to bring a joy, I am girl, not a boy! Growing up, I learned to be strong, Through all those Read More

Best Friend

You said you had something to say to me for long, something important, something really special. I knew what it was and felt it was the right time for us to confess our love for each other. I don't Read More

The unfulfilled desires

With many dreams in my heart, And I zillion thoughts in my head, I look back to the beginning, the start, And the path that from then that I have tread. A lot of good things have come way, A plenty Read More

The path less taken

I walked for long to reach a place, I struggled a lot to keep up the pace. But then I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't know the path that I was taking. I followed the crowd which was in a mad Read More

On Republic Day.

"It's Sunday morning and I am trying to sleep longer. But those blaring speakers won't let me sleep. I don't know why these people are putting up those songs this early. It's Sunday morning after Read More

Who am I game.

Hey fellow Writer Babus, Hope you are all good. Well I was just thinking of something and this idea struck me. We could try it out if you all agree. I call it the "Who am I?" game. All you got to do Read More

I am okay!

There are storms raging within, In my mind there is such a din. But I keep my calm and say, I am okay. My heart is broken apart, I know there can never be a new start. Yet I manage to say, I am Read More

Little things bring joy!

Oh yes I'm back. I know it's been some time since I wrote something. I'm sorry for that. But rest was what I needed. And I'm back now to my always busy schedule. Well I enjoyed every bit of my trip Read More

Random thoughts-2

Sometimes in life when everything seems alright, suddenly something happens that breaks the perfect life you had. Life seems difficult, everything seems to be falling apart. You feel like giving up Read More


Books in my hand, a zillion thoughts in my head, I wonder what was it that I just read. Were they equations? Or only questions. When am I gonna finish all this, Is there something that I can give a Read More

The time is now!

Wake up to a new morning, A new start, a new beginning! Gone are the moments of yesterday, Let nothing stand in your way. The mistakes of yesterday are long gone, Today it is a new dawn. A chance to Read More

The treasure!

I had a dream, "Go find your treasure", I heard a scream. I woke up with a start, With desire in my heart. I thought from where to begin, Were my chances thick or thin. The dream was too good not to Read More

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