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In The Memories Of Love

I close my eyes. I see your face, with every bit I can retrace. Days together, days apart, Days that took this broken heart. Now I'm blind, you took my eyes, eyes of my heart; you said goodbye. I Read More

Past Love

How could I be so stupid To let you slip away I had you in my arms But I let you slip away I want you back But now it's too late I've already said goodbye And now love had turned to hate I want to Read More

God Gifted Women

Are you proud that you are a woman? If you are, feel happier by reading this list. And well, if you are not, learn reasons to feel proud to be a woman! Being a lady has distinctive advantages and Read More

Pakistan's hatred towards India

... I will just tell a real life story. I was travelling from Singapore to US.I got a middle seat in plane where on left side a different nationality lady aged 35 sitting and on right side 70 year Read More

Lack Of Patriotism In Todays Youth

An appeal Strength of India, as compared to China, is its youth. Average age of India is 25 years while that of China is 33 years. It is the youth, who will make all the difference in times to come Read More

Secrets To Happy Relationships

"Commitment" is considered to be a very important and mature aspect of a man woman relationship. It is considered to be the culmination of a love relationship between two individuals which signifies Read More

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