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चाँद से कुछ पुराना रिश्ता लगता है ,हर रात वही होता है पर हर बार नया सा लगता Read More

Another Day ???

Santiago,Chile !!!The morning has come ,brought another day in my life ;the day seems to be the usual one but i felt something different in this day.Following my routine for a normal Read More

A mountain...

Sitting besides a mountain,Looking at the the verge of losing myself in the nature's beauty...I asked the mountain,don't you ever get bored of standing still at one Read More


कुछ उलझन भरे रिश्ते,कुछ उलझी सी जिंदगी ...पल पल में बदलती है ..पल पल में Read More

Let's Be the CHANGE :) !!!

एक कोशिश,एक पल,थोडा सा साहस...थोड़ी सी हिम्मत ,थोडा सा आगे बढ़ना ,थोडा Read More

My Dreams...Sometime !!

My life,full of surprises...sometimes i wonder...sometimes i ponder...sometimes i speak..sometimes i silence..Many a times i am alone,Sometimes m with crowd,but Read More

The Infinite Sea !!!

Standing in front of the sea again,seems like its inifinity teaching me..sharing me the greatest lesson of life...about the infinite ability of human being...The sea seems to be Read More

The Richest man !!!

Just like another normal day, i was passing through my way to metro station.Moving with my own rhythm and lost in my own solitude...way down the stairs, i had to notice him.There was a man Read More

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