Surabhi Awasthi



When I sit alone I can't stop smiling Thinking of you- I had no idea What Love was Now I feel it through- You changed my world Upside down- Now I cannot leave you You are in my mind When I Read More

World out there!

I sit on top of the world today! I want to capture nature with the pen in my hand or with the brush in the air. Today, the sky seems so near. There is a silhouette, like blocks of buildings and Read More

Revised October, 2011

Sometimes life is about a flowing river, chirping birds and a boundless sea. A calm, quiet and a serene surrounding. Is that all we want? No, it is not, not in my case at least. I expected things to Read More

He is Anwar: A Knowledgeable man

Before started writing, I had this thought over and over, to write or not write, but somewhere back in my mind I was very sure that this story will be untold if it was not the medium of Read More

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