Sunidhi Agarwal

Jhansi, India,, Creativity

What is LOVE <3..!!

Love..! what is Love... I think LOVE is the game of power...actually it's a Game that requires even greater precision and planning. It's just a manipulation of emotions to control the mind...that's Read More

Be HaPpY... :)

This age is never gonna come back...So fall in love, if you can't , have a new crush everyday...Dream...Imagine...Be impulsive...Go crazy... ... Flirt...Get your heart broken... ... Dance Read More


In every field there are so many confusions and everybody is looking for their solution. but didn't find themselves,so they just involve their guardians and even then they were not satisfied.So... Read More


LIFE... Life is a collection of many things...strange events,coincidences...miracles.! sometimes one cannot understand it...If one would have to define it in one sentence... what would it be??? I Read More


Yes I have seen failures, I got my heart broken, I have been refused, I have been 'used and replaced' , I've lost people who i ones called my 'best friends' , I cried my heart out the whole night Read More

The ...E... life !!!

The ...E... life !!!!! In this world of E-mails, E-ticket, E-paper, E-recharge, E-transfer... Never Forget "E-shwar ( God )" who makes e-verything e-asy for e-veryone e-veryday. "E" is the most Read More

Movie Fanatic!

There is a time in everybody's life when we don't have much to do...what can one do??? I know everyone wants to get out of this boredom... Well, I have found a great way to decant my boredom and i'd Read More

Stress Reliever

Some days at college can be pretty stressful.Nothing seems to go right,pressure builds up and short of blowing ones fuse,what can one do? well, i have found a great way to decant my stresses and I Read More

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