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The Silicon City Of The Country Welcomes You!

The beautiful city of the state Karnataka is its capital, Bangalore,bestowed with best climate, location and utmost the people it made. The silicon city of the city is well connected to all the Read More

Colored with love

She felt the grass, silky green, From the moor all beautiful colors could be seen, Oh,It was a glimmering scene! A burning desire popped up in the between. He wanted to fill the moor, with poppies, Read More

Mercy Please

A frosty night it was, The night his life hit the button pause. Was a normal day with his busy schedule, But he had not known of the lurking devil! Daisy was late, His eyes were only on the Read More

Chennai As I Saw

Every person in Chennai has a story of his own. The struggles, service and victory over the disaster. I shall not dwell into details, for I believe I am in a situation better than so many Read More

My Teacher She Is!

The guiding light in the hollow new place, Encouraging and bringing me back into the race. Inspiring and supportive. Persistent and cooperative. My teacher she is ! A graceful one. Oh,Yes! My teacher Read More

The Mask

She was the perfect gal, And all were her pal. The perfect daughter, Life was all laughter. Behind every smile, She tried to relieve her heart in a friendly style. The mask gave her solace, She Read More

On Mother's Day

Mother, a single yet powerful word, it triggers a zillion emotions and engulfs any human with emotions. No caption or hashtags required. The bond of a mother and child moving and strong. They find Read More

Flutter Away!

Fluttering its way, I wish in one place you could stay. Small yet large wings, The air with joy sings! Intricate in design, Difficult to confine. Beautiful and elegant. Its struggle evident. Oh Read More

Time It Is!

Daddy's daughter and mamma's boy, Her pride and his joy. Protective and over protective down below, Loving parents its time to let go! Let go of your kids to fly... Higher and higher in the clear Read More


My first day in college, The first class in a room like gaarge. I felt like a lost kid in a fair, No old friends for my woes to share! I here is where I wanted to be, I hoped our journey soon turned Read More

A genesis of optimism!

I know everything happens for a reason, and we need to wait patiently for things to take it course. Every success, disappointment,praise, insult and situation, almost everything in life, happens for Read More

Starting a new Life!

The first day in my engineering college, it felt like the first day of school. My parents not only dropped me to the college but also left me till the classroom where I was supposed to have my first Read More

I look up to your smile!

The cool morning breeze hit my face as I arrived in the Bangalore railway station on one such weekends which are supposed to be busy. But I was on a small break. And you know the feeling right? There Read More

Multicultural me!

Shores, hills and heat, A city small and sweet. With famous temples in every street. blessings, sweets and a lot to eat. Aroma of coconut oil, with raw banana has just begun to boil. Chips they say Read More

India's Daughter

Women in India are always subjected to one or the other form of abuse. I write it today in response to yesterday's hullabaloo on releasing the documentary "India's Daughter". I happen to see the Read More

Gift Your Kids the Habit of Reading

Books are one of the best tools for training and nurturing a child. A book enlarges a child’s world, beguile him and help in the overall development. Reading enhances the creativity and Read More


I fear you but yet love you, Like the coin you have faces two. Silence,oh,silence, what are you? I just don't have a clue. The moments of silence, lost jiffy trying to balance, with a phone call Read More

Journeying towards an end......

Nearing the end of a sour and sweet journey, Time duped me and he thinks is funny! Weird, because I laugh along, For he made be realize where I belong. I started as a teen, So fresh and so Read More

The Vivacious Runner

I toddled bare feet, steps small and sweet. An attempt genuine, with no hidden intention. Coaxed and cheered, while I feared. I sprinted with my blue shoes, I am in a race I cant lose. I can run Read More

Understanding The Beginning of the End

The end has begun, but I have regrets none. Nostalgia hits me, But I let it be. At the beginning, I never understood the meaning. Like a lost child, left in the wild. I understood, I had to be Read More

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