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Wallet Woes

“Your balance is Rs. 108.84 Regards **** Bank.” I stare. I swallow. I mentally try to remember where I spent money (was it the ice-cream or the movie?). I have a mock conversation with my mom in Read More

What about now?

Have you ever been lonely? I have. I still am sometimes. Lonely I mean. Do you know how you know that you’re lonely? It’s when you start singing even when you’ve got headphones on. It’s when Read More

My Tryst with the Street

I have something to admit. This hard truth had many of my friends clutching their hearts in horror. The simple truth was – in all my life I had never had chaat. That expression on your face; yeah, Read More

My Line of Work

The clients are getting less satisfied these days. I follow this thought as I pack my bag. There’s too much noise; the mess was a bitch to clean up; what will the neighbors say if they heard the Read More

Those eyes

Those eyes are the first thing you notice. They’re not black and yet not brown either. You’d probably think it’s a deep chocolate or something, but no, it’s not. It’s an indescribable Read More

Thank God for fast cars

I lean forward on my seat and grip the wheel tightly. I can smell the rich leather of the upholstery mingled with the smell of rubber getting ground into the road. I push down on the accelerator for Read More


The sky looks like a mirror. Perfect, fluid, still. I imagine a rock thrown against that perfect façade, shattering it into a thousand pieces. Maybe a ticked off god will peer out, with a frown that Read More


I don’t know why. I do know when and how. I don’t know what led to it. I don’t know for how long. But I do know that forever is a long time. So is never. November 25th 2013. 11:12 pm. Read More

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