Looking at your eyes

Looking at your eyes, sometimes the time just flies, Thinking of a life without you, a part of me just dies.    Loving you more has been my biggest priority of Read More

A night full of Stars

Sitting next to the gorgeous you and looking at the stars, This is my ultimate wish & all the moment will be just ours. I wanna count those stars with you darling, We Read More

Loving you less

The night is young and I can't sleep, Thinking about you, my mind goes just deep.   You asked me today, to love you less, Looks like you are scared, to start Read More


You are my Sunshine, you are my favorite rhyme, Every time I see you, I could hear a sweet chime. You provoke my deepest desire, you set my world on fire, I know you Read More

Found You

Found you after so many ups and down, Don't wish to lose you, even someday you are gone. I know you don't stare at me like the way I do, But girl you are damn Read More

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