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भुला दिया तुझे

अपनेपन की उम्मीद नहीं अब तुमसे, मैने अब तुम्हें पराया किया नही चाहिए अब साथ Read More

Aakhiri Mulakaat

Tumhe pane ki tadap aankho se hi chhalakti rahi, Uss mulakat me reh gayi ankahi si wo baat, Chaha to bht ki simat aoon aapki baahon me, Par naseeb me mutthi bhar dhup hai fir ghaneri raat... Har Read More

Main ho gayi tumhari

Meri khidki se chhanti chandni jab mujhe bhingo gayi, Aisa laga ki teri khushboo thi jo mujhe bhingo gayi, Doobne lagi un khayalon mein jaha tum shayar the aur main shayari, Jaane wo kaun sa lamha Read More

उम्मीद में तेरी...

जब अपने हाथों में मैंने नाम आपका सजाया था, हवा का कोई एक झोंका तो मेरी खुश्बू Read More

For My Valentine

If I am a rose, you are the petals that cover meOur love is the FRAGRANCE that spreads...If I am a crystal, you are the light that makes me shineOur love is the GLOW that Read More

lonely heartbroken girl

I cried for help, I tried to reach out You didn't return my calls, I walked alone throughout. I fell tumbling on the ground, bleeding and blue My only mistake was that i was leaning on you. I run Read More

That's how I will be with you

Lean on me when you are weak, for you I shall be strongWhen you are surrounded by fog and mist, I shall come along..If wind blows opposite to you, keep on moving with all your Read More

this distance between us

my heart is bleeding, i m numb to pain your hatred has soaked me, i m burning in rain my soul screams in agony, calling for ur soothing arms i try to calm it by memories of ur loving gestures and Read More

leave me alone

i want to curl up in a corner and never be found,i want to cry my heart out all day roundi don't want to be held or huggedf**k off, i don't want to be buggedneither i expect Read More

tumse pyar hai

tumse itni mohabbat hai mujhe, ki har dard uthaungi,tumhe sahi kahe zamana, isliye khud ko galat banaungi..tu salamat rahe iske liye hazaar mannatein maanungi,teri har bala ko main Read More

a fairytale

this is the story of a robot and a butterfly.. Do tell me what you learnt from this story.The robot was the latest addition to the science museum,and proudly occupied central location. He was Read More


neend me tatola to aapka haath na tha,saham kar jaagi to yaad aaya ki aapka saath na thayaad aaya wo haathon me haath daal kar ghumna,mera wo sharmana, aapka wo haule se Read More

Unki yaadein

WRITTEN AFTER A DATE WHEN WE DIDN'T STAY TOGETHERAap aane wale the mujhse milne,jhoom rahi thi main,dil mera gunguna raha tha,muskura rahi thi main..Apne baal saware,'gajar ka Read More

how do you know its love

how do you know its love....??? (FOR GIRLS)1. u were alws talkative nd alert, but now u smile secretly nd day dream..2. u nvr blvd in God, bt nw u pray for his success ( u may start evn Read More

it hurts

it hurts when i am there to listen, but you don't want to share... it hurts when i care, but you think of it as interference...it hurts when i try to bring a smile, but you think that don't Read More

droplets as pearl

Walking on the lonely road I found you,Beneath the sky and ocean blue.You enjoying the droplets of water,Falling on your tenement like pearl. :)Ran to hold you in my Read More

Trust me please

Its true that I lied one day, to keep us together…Because what we shared is special, I didn’t want it to wither…I lied about a forgotten past, that was alive no more,But your Read More

The dark side of life

Life appears with a race with fellow sperms, and begins with a cry. Have you ever thought why God decided to give us birth crying? Well I think because he wanted everyone of us to realise that life Read More


i love u, and i want nothing but you,but deep within your love has ignited expectations new..tell me tht i m your girl, and will forever be,u hv nvr known anyone better than Read More

my love

I was strangled by the threads of sufferings and pains,Tossed in life's ocean, all raging with heavy rains...I cried within but hid my tears inside,Hoping some day the ache beneath Read More

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