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Wanna Love U

I wanna Paint U in the sky with clouds and rainbows as colors. So, I can see U always with your eyes and lips smiling at me and no others. And then my days would go so good seeing it all day Read More

Loving U, Loving US

Morning Sun waves it rays on me with a smile, And I smile at U Night Stars blink at me with delight, And I blink at U Air breeze over me with a gentle touch, And I touch U Staring at me in mirror Read More

Being with HER

If you ever get aloof or lonely, I will be beside you to talk to you wholly. If you ever get scared, I will hold you tight close to me until you are completely taken cared. If you ever get bored, Read More


She is a Volcano with all the true Love contained within her. When poured on one, would live forever with her Love needless of anything else in this world or some other. She is an Ice cream with all Read More

Lovely Becca

This is another short instance from Brad's life. To know about Brad, please feel free to read my last post "Fucking Love!!" dated 1/Jan/2015 :-) Brad just had a tough day at work and came back home Read More

Fucking Love!!

This story hovers over a male figure (Brad) and a very specific "LOVE cum Fuck" life instance of his. Brad was a fresh Engineering graduate of electronics in the year 2009. He was a Read More

I Remember U

When the Sun goes down, And the Moon wears the Night gown, I remember U. When the Sun comes up, And the birds cheer up, I remember U. When the days are tight, And nothing is right, I remember Read More


Can never be enticed with this world or the other wherever it may exist. Can never be tamed by our mind or obliterated. Can never be controlled by attractive, materialistic desires this world has to Read More

A moment to remember

After an unusual overnight work, was returning from office at 6.00 AM. I was on my bike heading to my room. Some part of the Sun was still red. The cool morning summer breeze was soothing. To get the Read More

A Soul's Journey

It was back in late 80's. A soul was dropped in this place we call Earth. The soul got a body to reside in and than took birth physically. Here began a Journey; to Feel. to Heel. to Move. to Love. to Read More

Unknown Love

One fine night seeing the sky I felt; Sometimes life is beautiful like a full-moon night. Even the brightest star smiles at you because you fascinate everything around you, with the flame of pure Read More

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