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If it is hot, man exclaims, 'Oh, it is hot.' If it is cold, the same man complains, 'Oh, it is so cold.' If it precipitates, again he grumbles 'Oh, it is wet. It is snow.' The grumbling man is always Read More


Going by what was reported last year in quartz's India: the secret behind India's passion for Porn, in 2014 India was among the highest consumers of pornographic content in the world. US seems to be Read More

World's Wealthiest According to BBC News

According to a BBC News article dated 25 January 2015, 'Where do the wealthiest or top 1% live?', 39.3 millions of the wealthiest 47 million people in the world live in 10 countries. The remaining Read More

Integrity in Cable Network

According to an international news magazine, some Cable Networks are cramming more commercial ads into favourite TV shows and movies like Seinfeld, The Wizard of Oz, Friends in order to offset Read More


Do you consider the current budget a 'Super' budget? If yes, why ? and if 'No', why? Merely saying 'Yes' or 'No' does not serve the purpose. Read More


How do the Writer Babus rate the 2015 annual budget? How will you quantify your assessment on a 10-point scale? 6 means 60%, 5 means 50 per cent and 6.1 means 61 per Read More

Oversleeping (sleeping more than 8 hours a day) re ...

Oversleeping (sleeping more than 8 hours a day) regularly is likely to increase the risk of stroke, latest research shows. Make sure you do not do that on the rest day every week. Take Read More


If a person gets penalised for coming late to work, he should be rewarded for going late from his work. This is equity at work in one Read More

Hunger for food, water and love are illnesses that ...

Hunger for food, water and love are illnesses that the entire human race suffers from. They are sicknesses because, if left untreated, the race will become extinct. But, we do not consider them Read More


The love that comes slowly and softly is enduring and true love. This is not to be mistaken for wild and uncontrollable Read More

What is yours is not mine and what is mine is not ...

What is yours is not mine and what is mine is not yours. If all of us practise this simple dictum in our lives, there would be no need for religion and charity, and peace will prevail on Read More


Friends are friends only if each sees the good of the other. Reject friends whose tongues are honey and interiors poison. Read More

Crookedness And Survival

Crooked people seem to be living longer than the simple and straightforward under same circumstances. Crookedness enhances survival chances by increasing the ability to innovate and acquire new Read More

Hinduism Is Super Awesome

Religion in the current materialistic world is an industry and spirituality big business. In certain democratically free societies, many business men and women have gurus who guide them on worldly Read More

A Chinese Proverb Says:

"You can't tell the cost of food and fuel without being the head of a household; you can't appreciate the love of your parents without having children of your own." I can tell you from what I have Read More


ARISTOCRACY is of two kinds. One, based on merit. I call it Meritocracy. Second is founded on wealth and birth, as in Europe and elsewhere. I call it Artificial aristocracy. Meritocracy Read More


Have ever asked yourself what other countries and cultures think about LOVE? Here is a small collection, by myself, of 12 proverbs on love. They are taken from source I do not remember now. In Read More


The best way to respect and honour god is not by garlanding his idols or images, but by following his laws to the best of our ability and Read More


I am always on the path of self development, since self-development, like learning, is a life-long process. But I do not try to be like someone else. If god has made us different, there must be solid Read More


A Devil's son may not be a devil; but he will be known as Devil's son. A good person's son may be a Devil; but he would be referred to as the son of a good father. These differences in social Read More

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