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Lady Phoenix of Bollywood: Aalia Bhatt

I was probably one of those who felt that the weakest link of the glitzy College drama SOTY was this new Bhatt chic Aalia, and I had no qualms about bashing her left right and Read More

Just another LOVE?!!!

"We're in a relationship."-Such a casual line today.But everytime I hear it,something kicks within.Like 'that's it?' 'That's all you gotta say about this person?' Where is the emotion of Read More

Slavery to Anger!

One day one of my friend came all upset to the college.When I asked her whats the matter?She told me that while coming to collge,some metro guard said something really rude to her!I was surprised!Not Read More

Tv,drama and Women!

As i sit down to watch a sitcom on tv with my Mom,within 10 minutes I get frustrated and tell her to change the crap.Why?Well,the show was that of the soap queen Ekta Kapoor and the rubbish it showed Read More

Where's Hope?

As I read out an article which said something about CBSE introducing law as a subject in curriculum to my friend,she instantly cut in and said-"Nothing works out in CBSE and in India"! I was startled Read More

Your take on Chetan Bhagat???

The day i was returning after watching Kai Po Che,all what was in my mind was-"What a film!What a message!" but then it suddenly clicked to me,isn't it based on the novel by the same Chetan Bhagat Read More

This is Delhi

As a kid,living with my family and my Dad being in a transferrable job,I never got to live in Delhi but was always fascinated to Delhi-THE big city!yes,even more than any other country cuz somewhere Read More

Being a girl in Girl's College

I am a girl,a normal college girl.I go to College,have a few friends who know me skin deep.I had been in a co-ed till school,had a boyfriend,enjoyed my school life to the fullest.Then without any Read More

Moviebuff or just a bluff?

The movies we witness nowadays really make me pull my hair...all of them contain the same kind of rubbish and vulgar stuff,plus these increasing trends of so called 'item numbers'!I thought we Read More

Child Actors-No 'Child's Play???'

While watching an episode of a reality show,I saw the hulablaoo created about a girl child artist on the show by other celebrity participants,which made me think really deep about Child Actors in Read More

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