Aditya Singh

Roorkee, Student, Music,Football,Poetry.

Missed Moments

Words you spoke came out as puzzles, pieces colored. How can a colorblind perceive? Signs you dropped were hidden in a mountain of hay. How can a needle be seen? Your looks spoke of amusement i Read More

Symphony of the Night

Night orchestrates the symphony of silence The curtain rises with the calmness of sea Shadows audience to my andante walk My existence a silhouette. Fear lifts the tempo, allegro Saccades catching Read More

Nothing to write(So un-inspired)

Nothingness crawls in this empty cavern No words flow inside this mind. Distractions echo and blur the vision. Whispers drench the quill dry. Moving faces occupying spaces Walking across the sands Read More

Just another Rainy day

Raindrops racing down the window splitting and merging on the way. Thunder lightening up the meadow branches stir and trees sway. Leaves dancing in circles around no fire. Blue turns sombre. Clouds Read More

Broken Pen

“Can a broken pen fight?”, asked my son. “Can it kill a man if it’s swung?” “Can it fuel wars or can it forge peace?” “Can it seal fate or erase one with ease?” So many questions Read More

Life on the Train

Dragging himself rocking around stick in one hand eyeing the ground. On the other, humans shrunken so small A touch so weary is hard to make them out. Light burned out long ago with the house but Read More

Little shy

All these words curled up behind my lips. I have had moments like this. All these emotions hidden behind my eyes, Knots in my stomach as i tried. Waiting to burst out and tell you i care but wordless Read More

Miss January

Oh! Dear Jan no need to be cold and distant. Forget the year that passed the year of breaking winter. You tried and won what only if a part Time to rejoice time for a new start. Oh! Dear Jan Skin Read More

Ray of Hope

May it be hard, may it be dark. The song maybe dead and gloomy of the lark. Finding yourself behind the line Finding yourself alone sometimes. Never a shadow is strong enough to conceal the Read More

Night Comes Over

The cloak so dark only the sun can pierce The walk so silent making faiths and fears. Wishing to jump to the journey's end. Life is not a leap but a gradual ascent. Saw the shares of sunny days Now Read More

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