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The winter's letter.

Let's talk.About things that don't pay. Read More

Sadness is on its own today.

I had held on to the last dregs of winter. And quite helplessly seen it leave.   Yet again, sadness is on its own today.   I saw its absence in Read More

Bare foot.

I walk bare foot,With a gusty wind trailing.On the thin grey pathScattered among the pebbles.I let my feet pick pace,For the bereaved skies Have summoned the Read More

The witness.

The tree in your courtyard has read curses in our memory. For its autumn leaves we whittled away all, In afternoons decorated with our conversations And yet talked never a word of Read More

The curious case of the Academy Awards.

It is that time of the year when people of a special kind around the globe takes note of the year that has gone by in terms of the dynamic changes that has graced not only the celluloid but also Read More

Meeting place( Long version)

Come to meet me, In the short vacations of life. We shall play, our little games Of no win and no loss. Come and meet me, In the lost nights of torrid darkness. Where words jump into their Read More


Come to meet me, In the little vacations of yours. We shall play, our little games Of no win and no loss. Come to meet me, In the lost nights of torrid darkness. Where words jump into their Read More

A night of 'White darkness'...

In the faint recollections, of a blue light, I see you, under the clouded hood . The grass finches prepare their supper And dust from down town comes by. The moon slowly spread it rug, Over the Read More

The stolen night.

The night has come tiptoeing again; From the end of sea, where meets the sky. Bathed in the grace of tall statured waves! It comes to meet, the city of life. And yet it hides far away from touch; Read More

The Shiva Trilogy- A fan view!

Rarest of an occaision arise, when some things stir your soul to unimaginable depths of consciousness & titilate that thinking corner of your brain so gracefully yet vigorously. Felt it long ago, the Read More

Party at Parvenu's(The poem)

Afar-near, visits to be paid; To where, grand celebrations are laid. A gathering of the rational animals- Wrapped in impressive personality labels. What else a reason, for the host, be better? Read More

A night of the seeker.

The moonless night brings down the curtain on my sight; And the road to your city I cannot find. The feet stretches itself over the bare thirsty rocks; And dream-studded eyes, run into the lap of Read More

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