Learning to Pray

A prayer is not begging for a thousand things... a prayer is essentially expressive not of needs or of greeds but of gratitude that is a prayer - a thank you told in a thousand words! So now go and Read More

Where have been those fun-filled morning...

Where have been those fun-filled morning... cycling away? where has been that hope for a good bright day? As careless kids what we do is what we must do a lot of times, to rise from childhood and Read More


I think it is ends that make us lazy, the fear of starting new things when everything ahead looks hazy A day we pull out to nurture our doubts and pamper our hangover of hang outs! A day to say a Read More

A different DADI

LATE I am late now... and I can't even decide whether now to make a start or not you had told me.... "Come while I am there... don't come when I'm g o n e!" should I come Read More


The sun woke and drank vodka, the coulds sang aloud, the stars fought and got scars, the moon began to swoon over the sexy lagoon, the universe wouldn't reverse for the world must learn to whirl and Read More


This is my duty to hate that beauty who stole your heart and is now an old fart but you don't forget her & yet can't get Read More

Young @ heart though old!

Growing old is fun like chewing on a hard bun! When the skies grow old, the clouds don't fold, only rains can't hold and shower down while thunder can scold and lightening is running from edge Read More

In desire's den... there are lies.. a 10010!!

Giving in to desires and becoming liars, we live amid a lie and life's an alloy... truth mixes with lies and as time flies, we cannot make out truth from lies and filled with doubt, we hopelessly Read More


Holding a cup I won but never wanted, My attempt at smiling retired tired. The cup indeed is a cup ... afterall, empty! The cup of victory is not for me, I did drink from a puddle of joy, the Read More

Seen around in this season....

Girls counting teeth, clouds count hugs from their neighbours, earth kissed by raindrops blushes all green petrichor fills soul, self and nostrils. Mayna's skin shines bright dust washed away in Read More

"To ______ or not to ______"

"To ______ or not to ______" "To write or not to write"??? There are some poems that scurry away with great hurry underneath the fears that I hide behind tears and there they live fairly Read More

Thinking about a thousand words...

Thinking about a thousand words to put down the emotions... unaware, the emotions slide off form our side and what remains is a verbose elegy of the Read More


MEMORY TREE... SET IT FREE!! When all memories fall off from the memory tree, then everything is empty on that tree. This emptiness is empty, very very empty. The trees have gone, fruits will not Read More

For Alexander Pope

"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed." - AP Blessed was he, with wit and writing spree, he wrote and expected nothing, and he never was disappointed with his Read More

Writing is...

Writing is... Writing is Fun... like hot milk and a soft bun, Writing is pleasure... like wearing golden treasure, Writing is total bliss... like first love's first Read More

Why Fear Death.

Bruised by life’s harshness A little leaf breaks from a tree Truth haunts the leaf, Nightmares of a ravaging storm Send shudders down its spine. Life’s rude reality does its duty And mars the Read More

Walking towards the heart of nature,as I walk pa ...

Walking towards the heart of nature, as I walk past a smiling sunflower, it greets me & welcomes me with warmth and I smile back with warmth. Walking away... back home, I see the flower's turn its Read More

Golden bells that ring connecting the two trees!

Between two trees a connect, the hanging creeper that swings, dances and sings, two trees stand tall like two parents, nurturing, protecting, caring and providing, holding hands (from either Read More

Don't commit sins to avoid crimes!

I do not commit sins to myself in order to avoid committing crimes against a nation's laws / legal system. In that sense, yes... nation comes after self! My nation is my pride and I accept Read More

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