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it's going to be almost one year since I joined the forum 'WRITER BABU' - 29th December 2014 to be precise - and I have enjoyed this journey to the hilt. My first book 'A Midsummer's Love Tale' was Read More


it's been quite some time since I posted here....been busy in a lot of other things so maybe that's reason no 1.......anyway how are things out here?....I truly missed posting here in this Read More

A Midsummer's Love Tale - Chapter One

(Reproducing Chapter One of my novel 'A Midsummer's Love Tale' for you ) A MIDSUMMER’S LOVE TALE CONCEIVED AND AUTHORED BY VIKKRAM GULATI Copyright Reserved All Rights Reserved. No Read More

In praise of women.....

A woman has numerous qualities and the feeling of love is indeed one of in a woman takes on different forms and roles she is assigned to play in a daughter her love for her Read More

Excerpt from Chapter 'Sublime Love'

Here's a small paragraph from a chapter from my book which I'm sharing, although not the entire thing. I've been getting messages on how to buy the book for the benefit of everybody, in Read More

Moving On......

Love is never dull or boring, Life is never tough or under scoring. Its the thought which provokes you, otherwise every moment is the same. Let the brilliance shine, as you move on in life. The Read More

is Life all rose and honey.....

Life is not all rose and honey - yet life is certainly not all is not all cynicism and serpentine. Life is a gift wrapped in silver paper...what's inside is the real you, waiting to be Read More

to be in 'love' or not to be

Valentine's Day is it a day to cringe or celebrate? is it the day to shy away or draw back in the name of it being just another day? Hope not. Just like any birthday, anniversary, Read More

Valentine's Day - will you be my Valentine?

Valentine's Day - a day which conjures up images of love, togetherness, closeness, fondness and feelings.......eagerly looked forward by lovers the world over, regardless of the barriers of Read More

Amyra Dastur expresses herself - what say?

Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide Don’t get too close It’s dark inside It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons Read More

Benefits of writing and reading

Each one of us is a writer here. Whatever one writes is an expression of thoughts,desires and whatever has been held back till now. It's because of this that forums like WriterBabu are important. Read More

Are women in India really empowered....

Women’s empowerment and what it means in India’s context. Women in India can broadly be categorized under the urban and the rural. While women’s empowerment Read More

My book now on two more publishing forums...

My book 'A Midsummer's Love Tale' is already on Lulu....which is an international publishing house...and has been received well Now I'm preparing my book files for e-publishing it on - Read More

A Midsummer's Love Tale...thanks for the love

My book 'A Midsummer's Love Tale' has been published on WriterBabu and has scored well with readers.....While the prologue and some chapters are already out on my page, for the rest of the book you Read More

Do films affect our behavior.....

Films are a medium of reflection of society they say......maybe.....but I feel the films often end up reflecting the actions of society....people often see in films and try it outside..... It's the Read More

the colors of Spring.....

The season of Spring is the season I love the most in our's the time when the old gives way to the new......the old leaves are swayed away in the wind only to be replaced by new Read More


That's my diary entry for today..... How's the morning today for its foggy and lots of mist, which doesn't quite jell with me - would've preferred a sunny morn....but as they say Read More

Some praise for my book.....:)

My book 'A Midsummer's Love Tale' is a love hate relationship for the young - it goes into all the details you'll want to read in a love surely will tickle you, keep you guessing chapter Read More

Ruskin Bond gets the Padma Bhushan

Congratulations to #RuskinBond for being conferred the Padma Bhushan by the President of India - fully deserved and more so as he's my childhood hero.... the magic he created through his Read More

Our Republic Day......

On the eve of our Republic Day what are the first thoughts which come to mind? Obviously the progress made by our Nation from the day we got our Freedom and Independence till today....all the Read More

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