A Midsummer's Love Tale

By - Vikram Gulati in Fiction
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Published on: 7th Jan, 2014

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Vikas was smart, fair complexioned, had wavy black hair, looked more like a model, and was of athletic build. A well-established lawyer with a fairly intelligent mind, and lean looks. Except that 'intelligence' today is measured by the amount of zeroes your bank balance supports, and not by the 'intellectual property or prowess' you might have built up over the years. So apart from being a fairly good lawyer with a fairly good bank balance, Vikas was plagued by the vagaries of his profession which called for the utmost care and commitment. One slip and the whole case could go for a six.

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wow!!! this is an awesome book:)

Looking for a love story with a difference – look no further - a new book on WriterBabu has been released which fulfils all your desires and fantasies.
‘A Midsummer’s Love Tale’ is the book I’m talking about, written by author Vikram Gulati.
The story begins in Nainital a tiny hill station known for its quiet and peace. Vikas Mathur is a young college student out on a vacation and while absorbing and enjoying the natural scenic beauty around him suddenly spots a beautiful schoolgirl Alina Patwardhan who refuses to leave his psyche.
While both meet up at the dances of the famed Boat House Club of Nainital, their friendship slowly develops into love and Vikas realizes he has found the true love he was looking for. Their escapades in this tiny romantic hill station captivates and tickles your heart no end. The couple ultimately culminate and celebrate their love with a full blown physical relationship which is very well handled by the author.
Small intimate scenes of the love affair are depicted extremely well and make for some interesting reading. Of course I can’t give away the plot here but no doubt it shows a lot of maturity and imaginative script.
The relationship carries you to the by-lanes of Delhi and explores the places where lovers are usually holed up. If you end up remembering your own love story don’t feel surprised.
All in all a very good story delicately handled and well written. A job well done and a book highly recommended in this season of love.

Written by: Ankita Naduvinamani   ∣   Added:   February 8th, 2014

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